Hollywood and Another Round of Anti-Gun Propaganda


When it comes to an issue as dependent on emotion and knee-jerk reactions as gun control, propaganda is every bit as important as hard news. Make no mistake about it, another movie theater shooting is bad news for those of us who hold the 2nd Amendment close to our hearts, but liberal appeals like Bowling for Columbine are every bit as dangerous. Under the pretense of “getting a dialogue started”, these Hollywood liberals throw every trick in the book at their viewers. It’s been several years since Columbine gave every viewer pause for thought with its distorted truths and hamhanded approach to logic, but it looks like Hollywood isn’t done attacking our rights just yet.

Famed producer Harvey Weinstein is ready to attack the NRA with his next film, The Senator’s Wife. Days after claiming that he was done with gratuitous gun violence in his movies (Weinstein’s productions include the unforgettably bloody Pulp Fiction), he has revealed the true intentions behind his foreseeable future. Talking to Howard Stern on his morning show, Weinstein confirmed that the film – starring multiple Oscar winner Meryl Streep – would take aim at the National Rifle Association with a behind-the-scenes look at how they influence politicians to defeat gun control legislation.

To say nothing of those who might watch this film with an appreciation for the NRA’s dedication to preserving American rights, the film is of course intended to put a line in the sand. Passive, peace-loving bleeding hearts on one side, and the big meanie gun owners on the other. As per usual, Hollywood will portray gun enthusiasts as “nuts”, more interested in overthrowing the government than defending their home.

Harvey, let’s talk about death. 1.21 million – The number of dead, unborn babies claimed by abortion every year in America. Where is their film? Why isn’t a hot young director signing Meryl Streep up for a role in that? Oh, because that’s an empowering statistic! That’s a stat the left can be proud of! The more abortions there are, the more obvious it is that women have achieved the forward-thinking equality they’ve worked so hard to grab. Besides, it’s all just meaningless tissue until the delivery, right?

Harvey, let’s talk about statistics. In 1995, the federal government passed the Gun-Free School Zone Act in an attempt to keep firearms out of the hands of children. Unsurprisingly, it has had little to no effect on gun violence. As we keep saying time and again, if you take the guns away from law-abiding citizens, you’re left with only outlaws holding guns. Mass public shooting almost invariably take place in “gun-free zones” like schools and movie theaters. How these mentally deranged killers lived with themselves after flagrantly defying the gun ban is perhaps the biggest question on the minds of 2nd Amendment enemies.

Look, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, and I don’t particularly hold it against Harvey Weinstein if he wants to use his producing clout to make movies that represent his point of view. The problem is that Hollywood has undue influence over the country. They wield a power over the public’s imagination unrivaled by books, talk radio, music, and even the internet. If you don’t believe it, look at the public’s response to the 2013 anti-Sea World documentary Blackfish. To us that power to shine a light on questionable theme park practices is one thing. To use that power to endlessly chip away the rights that made America great is beyond irresponsible; it is unpatriotic and treasonous.

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