Hollywood Spies for Hunter Biden in Europe

The deep ties between leftist Hollywood and the Democratic Party are no secret, and now it’s revealed that Hollywood will even act as an international spy for scandal-laden Hunter Biden.

DailyMail.com exclusively revealed on May 10 that Hollywood attorney and producer Kevin Morris went to Serbia to be on the set of a movie that will show Hunter Biden’s corruption and that of the Biden family. The movie, called My Son Hunter, was being filmed in Serbia with veteran Hollywood actor Robert Davi as the director.

Morris flew to Serbia on a private jet to be on the movie set while it was being filmed and interviewed the people working on the movie there. When they asked him about his interest in the movie, he told them that he was interested in collaborating on the project because he is also working on a documentary and it is about corruption. What he didn’t tell them is his close ties to Hunter Biden. Daily Mail wrote:

Morris failed to disclose that he is representing and working on the legal and media strategy for President Joe Biden’s son.

Failed to disclose—also meaning “hiding” —his Biden connection, for Morris, involves more than professional representation of Hunter as an attorney. It was recently learned about Morris that he is the one who paid $2 million in Hunter’s overdue taxes. Byron York wrote in Albany Herald on Monday (May 16, 2022) that we now know Morris has been paying Hunter’s monthly bills in addition to his back taxes. The two are so close that Morris is known to Biden’s friends as Hunter’s “sugar brother.”

Going to Serbia and sneaking up on people who are working to expose the corruption of the Bidens makes Morris the unofficial private eye for the Biden family and for the liberal-establishment alliance at large. When Phelim McAleer, producer for My Son Hunter, learned about Morris’s undisclosed link with Hunter, he commented:

I thought he was just making a documentary but now it appears he was deceptively spying for his client Hunter Biden.

McAleer believes that Morris and his team were recording off-the-record conversations on set of his movie in Serbia.

While it is obvious that Morris is doing a lot to protect Hunter Biden, in line with the Department of Justice’s lack of action on Hunter’s laptop scandal, the question remains what is in it for Morris. How exactly is he benefitting from paying and spaying for Hunter? A simplistic answer could be because he is a loyal friend and is selflessly trying to protect his troubled buddy. But in real life, and particularly in Hollywood, this will be a far cry. There is a lot more beyond the obvious, and maybe the upcoming film will answer some more questions. My Son Hunter stars Lawrence Fox playing Hunter and John James as Joe Biden. The movie is now in post-production and updates on the film’s status can be viewed at the movie’s website mysonhunter.com.

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