Homeland Security Chief: ISIS Not Islamic


Trotting out the tired refrain we’ve heard over and over again from the Obama administration, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson reiterated Thursday that ISIS had nothing to do with Islam.

“ISIS would like to be referred to as ‘Islamic extremism’ because it therefore concedes that what they are saying and what they are doing occupies legitimately some form of Islam,” Johnson said at a national security forum in Colorado. “I think it’s critical that in order to build our relationships and build our level of cooperation with the Islamic communities here, we have to say to them, ‘Look, we understand that what this depraved terrorist organization is doing is not part of your religion.”

Keep in mind, this is the same administration that wants us to believe that anyone who supports the Confederate flag is a slobbering racist. That every cop needs sensitivity training so they don’t accidentally brutalize black criminals. That every Christian that opposes gay marriage is a wrathful homophobe. Apparently when it comes to their enemies, this administration is more than happy to use the broad brush. When it comes to their precious Muslims, though, we have to put on the kid gloves.

If ISIS had nothing to do with Islam, Obama and his liberal cronies wouldn’t need to keep saying it. Americans wouldn’t have any confusion about it. But unfortunately for them, it’s tough to figure out where Islam stops and the Islamic State begins. That’s not to say that every Muslim is a terrorist, but it’s equally absurd to pretend that terrorists aren’t practicing “some form of Islam.” People don’t blow themselves up for kicks. These terrorists are putting their lives on the line for something, and it is dangerous lunacy to act as though it isn’t religion.

Where does ISIS come up with the Koranic verses that fuel their terrorism? Did they write them? Did they make them up? Not hardly. The philosophy underpinning groups like ISIS is found right in the writings of Mohammad, like it or not.

Muslims should be offended that this administration thinks they are so stupid that they need this kind of delineation. Ironically, Obama’s repeated denials only draw attention to the links between Islam and terrorism. George W. Bush made the same denials, but he didn’t try to pretend that Al Qaeda was non-Islamic. Perhaps because he knew that any rational American would laugh out loud at such a suggestion.

According to Johnson, making these labored divisions helps to “build trust” between the U.S. and the Islamic community. That’s funny, because trust is traditionally built through honesty, not pandering. We can call the Islamic State “Daesh,” “the terrorists,” or “Jobless Arabs,” but it won’t change a thing. In fact, it gives these media-savvy warriors another powerful weapon to use as a recruitment tool: the truth.

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