Horist: Where I Disagree With Trump


As a longtime conservative, my beliefs are based on principles and policies – not personalities.    My allegiance is to the Constitution and conservative values.  That means I do not take my beliefs and opinions from one person.  It is all about the issues.

In my commentaries, I have defended President Trump based on two things – his stand on many of the issues and against the barrage of incredibly outrageous and mendacious accusations against him from over-zealous and highly partisan Democrats and their cronies in the news media.

But that does not mean I always agree with Trump.  I gave him some leeway on the tariffs against China as a remedial action to push against Xi Jinping’s illegal trade practices, industrial spying and stealing intellectual property.  I disagreed with Trump’s abandoning the Kurds in Syria – and his preliminary, albeit conditional, plan to abandon the war in Afghanistan.

I have never liked Trump’s propensity to attack folks with good conservative histories just because they would not agree with him on some narrow point – or do his bidding without question.  That is not how true conservatives operate.

The most obvious person in Trump’s crosshairs is former Vice President Pence.  I have long admired him as a steadfast conservative when in Congress.  I thought he did a good job as Vice President – under difficult circumstances, at times.  

Trump turned on Pence for not stopping the certification of the Electoral College vote.   Pence was right.  Trump was wrong.  Pence had no authority to do anything but preside over the votes.  It was the right of the members of Congress to decertify the election – and there was not nearly enough to do so.  

No matter what the popular vote was, it is the Electoral Vote that decides American presidential elections – and President Biden won that.  The electors that voted were the ones that the states authorized … period.  Even Republican legislatures in states that Biden won refused to put forward alternative electors.

So … Trump’s attacks on Pence do not change my high regard for the former Vice President.

In the past, Trump has attacked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  I have disagreements with McConnell over budget resolutions, lifting the debt ceiling and term limits.  But on balance, I still see him as a plus.  He proved his worth in delivering three Supreme Court appointments to Trump. To quote Biden … that is “a big (you know) deal – a very BIG deal.

Trump has turned on a number of his own appointments.  Some with justification – but too many for petty personal reasons.

More recently he has renewed his attack on former Attorney General William Barr.  During most of his tenure at the Justice Department, Barr was regularly being lashed by Democrats and the media for his defense of Trump policies.  Trump went off on Barr when, as AG, he did not see the sufficient voting irregularities to overturn the election.  I believe Barr because he had no reason to walk away from any voting issues.  He would have wanted to see Trump back in the White House.

Barr has had a long history as a powerful conservative voice in the legal community.  He was a consistent protector of presidential powers against erosion by Democrats in Congress.  I do not disregard a lifetime of working in the conservative vineyard just because Trump is pissed at him.

Trump’s style is to attack anyone who is not supportive.  He even took a couple of swipes at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis when there was a lot of talk about him being the Republican standard bearer in 2024.  Personally, I hope DeSantis does run.

I know there are people who hang on every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth. They accept whatever Trump says as gospel truth.  I do not.  And I get weary of him attacking everyone who does not toe whatever line Trump draws – often people who I have long admired.  

Some see that as his strength.  I see it as his weakness – as the reason he never gets base support above 30 to 40 percent … as the reason he only won in 2016 because of the Electoral College … the reason the GOP lost so badly in the 2018 elections … and the reason Biden and the Democrats control Washington today.

Fortunately, most Republicans are NOT the cultists the Democrats and the leftwing media portray.  The GOP will do well despite the attacks on the home team from Trump.  I am appreciative of the many good things Trump did as President.  He was better than I had hoped.  But Trump’s all-about-me approach to politics is getting thread-bare – and judging from polls and various interim elections, I think I am not alone in feeling that way.

So, there ‘tis.

  1. Norman Staples says

    With friends like you who needs enemies. In your statement, you never mentioned God and God is watching. As Rush Limbaugh said “ everything works for good, you just have to wait “.

    1. Iceman47 says

      Well Norman, unfortunately for those of us who still believe there is a God, He doesn’t have to live in this world we created. He lives in the World He created which we hope to inherit someday. As our Savior once said, ” Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God, that which is God’s. Unfortunately, until He calls us, we have to make due with what we and those who have gone before us have created. Free will is a gift we have abused instead of using it to make the right choices. Peace brother.

  2. Wen says

    Thank you for speaking the unspoken words of so many Republicans . Mike Pence and many of the Trump administration were the only reason I voted a Republican Presidential ticket. I believe many good things did happen when President Trump was in office but I also believe you are right that his often need to publicly admonition those who were a part of his team when they questioned or disagreed with his position was his character flaw . The very strongest leaders are those who are the best listeners and trust in those they have chosen to provide wise council.

    1. Russ says

      My name is not anonymous, it is Russ

      Sorry for a couple typos.

      The is no value in Republican or Democrat either, they’re hiding places for sheep.

    2. Russ says

      My name con anonymous, it’s Russ

    3. Russ says

      My name con anonymous, it’s Russ

      You have selectively cancelled me!

  3. Lawrence says

    I believe people that think like you are the reason the Republican elites are exactly what they are – Elitists that could give a damn about their constituency. The term “Conservative” today doesn’t mean much. The vast majority of Republican politicians are no different than the DemoRats!!!!!!

  4. Anita Hargreaves says

    Larry, I never read anything from you before. You are right on. I couldn’t have said it better. If Trump runs again, he needs to hire a top PR firm and above all stop calling opponents nasty names. I know many people who voted for Biden because they couldn’t stand Trump’s ego and the way he treated those who didn’t always agree with him. Trump has got to change or he will not win the election.

  5. Iceman47 says

    Mr. Horist, are you sure you aren’t an Independent conservative? You sure do sound like one. I say this because you sound a lot like me. I am an Independent voter and my thoughts very much coincide with with your comments except that if it were a conservative Democrat running against Trump, I would have to give that choice serious consideration only to be decided when I “pulled the curtain”. The Democrats, however made it really quite easy to choose both in 2016 and 2020. I chose the lesser of the two evils and I guess 1for 2 isn’t a bad batting average. Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. Russ says

    Your opinion is shallow and meaningless. Conservative and Liberal are words only. The underlying value of each has long been missing. If one chooses to be a sheep of one of these, they are missing the solution.

    Most people of all countries are good people with core values. Politicians and criminals rarely have core values. People don’t make war, politicians and criminals do by dividing citizens.
    When a culture is as immoral, greedy and deceitful as our world now is; corrupt people will rise to power because of the fear or disinterest in the process.

    The only solution is to Trust in Him, (who gave His Created our freedom; and, we did not appreciate and secure it.) and stand up as our ancestors did.

    We lost it; only we can get it back by praying and asking Him what we must do; and , then dedicate our “property, lives and sacred honor “ and do it!

  7. Anonymous says

    Conservative,!liberal, Republican, Democrat. These are words that have Bo meaning of value. GW Bush even used conservative& & liberal to describe himself and He was/is a disgrace. The moral people of all countries are good people who don’t want war. It corrupt politicians who wage war for profit and live in the swamp of political corruption. The problem is the immoral, greedy, Godless cultures that permit corrupt politicians to rise to power. Only prayer, trust in God (who gave us freedom and God directed action by each of with faith and core values will save this planet from Satanic destruction.

  8. Russ says

    Your opinion, as written, is shallow and meaningless.

    Conservative means nothing. Liberal means nothing. They are code words for different kinds of sheep. (There’s no inherent value or quality in either). That’s why W. Bush adopted both. If you’re a sheep, join one of those groups.

    I am a God fearing, freedom loving independent American and voted for Trump, in spite of his bluster; ( partly because his opponent was/is corrupt), and will vote for whoever will act as a servant for the people of America; and rid us of the criminals in the “swamp”; give the government back to the people; support those who fight and die for our freedoms; and acknowledge God as the giver of freedom; follow His commandments and TRUST in HIM! 🎚

    Nothing less is lasting peace and is not worth talking about or participating in debate. Russia, Ukraine, China, Canada, Poland or any other country, the moral people are not the problem; but those devoid of core values (most are Politicians, criminals, atheists or a combination of the above). THE problem is that governments are given too much power and get it from our lazy, greedy, immoral and selfish culture. 🙏


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  9. Esther says

    Very well said. He doesn’t care how much pain he causes others, but gets revenge the moment anyone thinks for themselves or follows the law instead of his orders.

  10. Robert Schofield Jr says

    The Republicans have the chance to make huge gains in 2022 and then again in 2024, but not with Trump at the head of the ticket. With Trump as the candidate, you begin with 40% of the population voting against. He will undo all the gains of 2022. Let’s nominate a candidate who can attract those who want an end to the divisive political situation in the US. We don’t want Kamal but we clearly can do better than Trump

  11. Bob says


  12. BO BIDEN says

    And because of the Biden criminality and his administration I will never vote Democrat the Democrats have seeds undermining America’s strength globally I say all of them should be impeached from the mentally retarded Joe Biden president all the way down to the last Democrat in office

  13. Harold Rust says

    Thanks for your honest opinion. I see various reactions to your article and that is good….as long as it leads to thoughtful deliberation by others with opinions. I really hope we don’t see the singular name-calling that so easily evolves when a group of impassioned people discuss really important issues. When a few of the critiques up above lash out at your views with vitriol and vicious barbs, I would remind them that such an approach incentivizes us to completely ignore anything else they might state in their article. Let’s all rally together, emphasize the positive, and explore common sense solutions—while damping down the desire some have to latch onto one particular vocal and self-confident politician. We need more smart but humble leaders who listen to their critiques while making decisions based on beneficial outcomes for the vast majority and an olive leaf toward the less-powerful minority (something we dearly wish that Democrats would do even though they could never bring themselves to such a purposeful approach).

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