Horist: Why I Believe the Red Wave is Coming


The year began with a lot of exuberance on the part of Republicans as America faces the 2022 Midterm Election.  The talk centered on a big red wave that would give the GOP control of the U.S. House and Senate.  There would be major down ballot gains by Republican candidates – including governorships and state legislatures.

Some of the prospects struck terror in the hearts of the Democrat progressive establishment – including major portions of the Fourth Estate.  Parent anger would put Republicans in charge of school boards -threatening the left’s political correctness, identity politics and racist indoctrination policies.  They are absolutely apoplectic that Republicans will win offices – such as secretary of state – that have responsibility over the supervision of elections.  

That goes along with their ridiculous political narrative that the GOP is engaged in an ongoing coup attempt to end American democracy.  In that, Democrats are pushing another bogus conspiracy theory that is best left to the tinfoil hat fringe.

With migrants, and crime and drugs flowing over the southern border … crime soaring across the nation … inflation robbing the wealth of the working American … America declining as the world’s number one commercial, cultural and military power … the stock market floundering … the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to recession levels … terrorism as a growth industry after the surrender in Afghanistan … and pipsqueak Putin on the march (intimidating the west as he goes) … it seems reasonable that voters will see the need to demote Democrats to the status of loyal(?) opposition.

Then along came the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade – returning the issue of abortion to the states.  Democrats and their media cronies see it as a game-changer.   According to Democrat wisdom, that decision alone is so egregious that it will instantly shift millions of voters away from the GOP.

Suddenly the political pundits were declaring the big scary red wave to be flattened.  By the beginning of Summer, some Democrat operatives were talking confidently of retaining control of the Senate with a clear majority.  They were no longer conceding the House to the GOP.

Left-wing media analysts proffered the argument that the number of so-called MAGA or election denying candidates were so extreme and dangerous that they would be rejected by voters.  They were so positive of that claim that Democrats spent hundreds of millions of dollars to help the candidates they feared the most to win their primaries.  

By August, the opinion within the east coast media echo chamber foresaw a collapse of the GOP wave.  Even a modest wave was being discounted.

Weeell …It is now October, and the pendulum of political fortune appears to be swinging back in favor of the Republicans (as I predicted it would).  All those slam dunk Democrat victories over the targeted MAGA candidates are shifting from double-digit leads to toss-ups.  In some cases, the Republican candidate has taken a modest lead – including GOP candidates the Democrats funded as sure losers.

Biden’s favorable rating – the popped up to a miserable 44 percent – has now dropped again to 40 percent.  The generic ballot indicating which party is favored by voters has flipped back to the GOP.

The best indicator of a Republican wave may be the panic and desperation that exudes from the television screen.  The anti-Republican rhetoric is getting more biased …  more emphatic … more extreme.  In fact, it has come unhinged from reality. 

Perhaps it is caused by a frustration that all the attacks, the hyperbolic rhetoric, the fearmongering and the lies have not fooled all the people all the time.

So, there ‘tis.

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