Horned Capitol Rioter Says He’ll Testify Against Donald Trump

His unusual attire made him the poster boy for January 6th’s storming of the U.S. Capitol, and his insistence in calling himself the “QAnon Shaman” made for colorful headlines.

Devoted to President Donald Trump to a fault, Jake Chansley wore a bearskin and buffalo horns into the Capitol and onto the House floor as part of what may or may not be properly termed an “insurrection.” But while his opposition to the certification of the 2020 election results may have driven him to participate in the unrest, Chansley now feels slighted by the former president. According to his lawyer, he’s now ready to turn on Trump.

Attorney Albert Watkins told the media this week that Chansley feels that he was “duped” by Trump and that his disenchantment began when the former president failed to offer him a pardon on his final full day in office. Watkins said that his client regrets “being in a position where he allowed that duping to put him in a position to make decisions he should not have made.”

So angry is Chansley, said his lawyer, that he’s willing to come to the Senate and testify against Trump in his upcoming impeachment trial. Atkins went on to say that senators need to hear from someone who was personally incited by Trump so they can determine whether or not the former president is guilty on the impeachment charges brought by the House. He said that his client feels “betrayed” by Trump.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but wouldn’t that admission alone damage Chansley’s credibility? He’s mad because he didn’t get a pardon, so now he’s going to go spill his guts before the Senate? This is basically the same phenomenon we witnessed with Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Besides, who can take this guy seriously? Is he going to show up to the Capitol in the same garb he wore the last time he came for a visit?

“Let’s roll the tape,” Watkins said. “Let’s roll the months of lies, and misrepresentations and horrific innuendo and hyperbolic speech by our president designed to inflame, enrage, motivate.”

Yes, let’s do that. Let’s play it all. And then let’s have Adam Schiff or whoever the Dems have chosen to run this farce point out to the Senate where exactly Trump told supporters to storm the Capitol and put a halt to the election certification. If they can do that, perhaps the impeachment is valid. But unless they’re sitting on some evidence that no one has ever heard before, we’re pretty sure they cannot.

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