How Illegal Aliens Are Working to Sway the Midterm Vote

There was an illuminating (and frustrating) article in the Miami Herald this weekend about illegal aliens who, while they cannot cast a vote in the midterm elections themselves, are doing everything in their power – through influence campaigns, get-out-the-vote efforts, and other forms of activism – to make sure their voices are heard, by proxy, at the polling centers. The article is of course written with glowing respect for these “heroes” from beyond our borders, but it should serve as a wake-up call to anyone who dismisses these illegals as a non-factor on election day. If Democrats take control of the House, they will owe more than they’ll ever admit to these non-citizens.

The piece focuses on a girl named Maria who is losing her DACA benefits. An immigrant from Argentina who deliberately overstayed her travel visa to settle in Miami, Maria has turned herself into an activist force for Democratic politics.

From the Miami Herald:

Maria cannot vote, but has knocked on dozens of doors around Miami to urge those who can to vote.

She’s part of a growing number of people who cannot vote because they are undocumented or green card holders but are hitting the streets to urge voters to cast their ballots.

Their goal is to persuade voters to support candidates who promise to protect immigrants, because they understand that their future in this country is at risk and depends on those votes. Although President Donald Trump is not on the ballot, they are working to turn the midterm elections into a referendum on presidential policies and rhetoric they view as anti-immigrant.

“It’s something we have seen before, people who cannot vote working to get out the vote. But this year, we’re seeing impressive numbers,” said Andrea Cristina Mercado, executive director of New Florida Majority, which works to increase electoral participation among communities of color.

“And it’s not just a referendum, because we also have the opportunity to win the Senate and the House. If we want to stop Trump we have to win one of the two,” said Mercado. “So this is a referendum with very serious political consequences.”

Uh-huh. And could someone tell us again why it was such a big deal that Russians meddled in the last election? You have people out there still comparing Russia’s interference with 9/11, calling it an act of war against the United States. Why?

Because all along we were under the impression that what made Russia’s meddling so bad was that it was a foreign influence campaign, but apparently that sort of thing is just fine as long as the foreigners in question are illegal immigrants from Central and South America who are working to get Democrats elected.

Color us unsurprised.

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