How is this Possible!? MSNBC Shifts Even Further Left


Of the three major cable news networks, MSNBC has been consistently the most biased and extreme – offering a full day of commentary with a leftwing propaganda spin.  I have generally rated CNN as a bit more moderate with a modicum of balance in their coverage.

Just when you think MSNBC could not possibly go any further to the extreme left, they prove there is no limit on their bias.  As the New York Post pointed out, MSNBC is no longer a news platform, they are all opinions – with a far-left spin.

MSNBC has long had the most radical one-sided commentators (Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Nicole Wallace, Joy Reid, Joe Scarborough, Ari Melber, Chris Hayes, Ali Velshi, Mehdi Hasan, Al Sharpton, etc., etc., etc.) and the most outrageous leftwing panelists (Elie Mystal, Jon Meacham, Donny Deutsch, Sam Stein, Eddie Glaude, Michael Eric Dyson).

In an attempt to appear nonpartisan, MSNBC has specialized in giving a platform to every Republican/conservative apostate (Michael Steele, Steve Schmidt, Bill Kristol, Elise Jordan, Rick Wilson).  The only prerequisite is that they spew the same anti-Republican/anti-conservative leftwing talking points.

The recent additions to the Saturday morning lineup have been leftwing hardliners (Zelina, Katie Phang). 

The only modest – very modest — relief from the beating of the leftwing drums was Chuck Todd.  He was certainly biased, but not as bad as most of the others in the daily lineup.  Perhaps that is why he is being booted off his weekday “MTP Daily” show for a slot on the network’s obscure Peacock streaming service.  That is like being sent down to a minor league in baseball.

Todd’s spot will be taken over by Chris Jennings with a new(?) title “MTP Now.” Jennings will end whatever dedication to balance Todd brought to the show – as little as it was.

In recent months, MSNBC has extended “Morning Joe” to four hours and given their regular panelist Jonathan Lemire the “Way Too Early” spot preceding MJ.  That means for the entire morning session, you will not see a single conservative or moderate voice – no counterpoints.  Just panels of parroting pundits.  The ever-annoying Nicole Wallace’s “Deadline: White House” is expanded to two hours.

Rachel Maddow is coming off her weekly show to set up a production company in cooperation with NBC Universal – where she can produce far-left content across the spectrum.  White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is heading to MSNBC – of course.

At the same time, MSNBC is now adding the “Symone” show with Symone Sanders to the weekend line-up.  You will recall that she came to national prominence as the spokesperson for Senator Bernie Sanders.  That is about all you need to know regarding her resume and political philosophy.  Since then, she has been a frequent panelist on MSNBC.  

The shift to the radical left is not entirely new.  We sensed the first rumbles when MSNBC booted their one conservative commentator, Hugh Hewitt, out the door – giving his Saturday morning program to Velshi.

There can be no doubt that MSNBC has become an uncompromising voice of the radical left.  There should be no dispute about that.  The question is why?  Why does the MSNBC management – and their bosses at the NBC parent company – believe that a move so far left is a good idea.

There can be only two reasons – and both may be true.  

They are deeply committed to the radical progressive movement.  They believe that empowering leftwing politicians and passing leftwing legislation is more important than profits.  They are fully enrolled in the cause.  They are political propaganda.

It is also possible that they believe shifting their focus to the left will bring them more viewers – that they can strip the hardliners away from the sinking CNN.  And maybe they can – and are.  After all, MSNBC has already overtaken CNN in a lot of key time slots.  

The question is what CNN will do about it.  They already have the 500-pound media gorilla on their right with FOX — and MSNBC is taking the audience from the left.  Based on the changes at CNN since David Zaslav purchased the Network, they are not doing much to fix the Network’s downward trajectory.

And just because MSNBC is eating CNN’s lunch does not mean they are doing well – maybe just less poorly.  Both of the left-leaning networks have been losing views even as FOX gains.

My bet is that MSNBC will keep losing.  Maybe the reason is a good friend of mine.  He is a New York Jewish Democrat who spent his career as a Hollywood speechwriter.  Needless to say, both he and his wife are dedicated, left-wingers.  He recently told me that they have stopped viewing MSNBC because they are tired of the constant one-sided drumbeat.  I can only imagine how many on the left are like my friend.

It will be interesting to see how pushing the Network’s pendulum further to the left works out.  Actually … probably not very interesting.  MSNBC is putting the final nail in the claim of being a news network – and that could mean a lot more folks like my friends.  We can only hope.

So, there ‘tis.

  1. George says

    Left Wing propaganda machines MSNBC, CNN,NBC, CBS … Why are these liars still around?

  2. Leslie says

    They do not qualify as news networks, only disinformation stations! Disgusting to view, their opinions are just made up lies to further the hate of viewers. America will never mend as long as these stations continue spreading hate and bias.
    What can be done about them, when the head of stopping disinformation is as far left biased as they are?
    Soros, Clinton, Obama funded I wouldn’t doubt……

  3. aaa says

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