Humiliating: Lincoln Project Co-Founder Begged Trump for a Campaign Job

Not long ago, we ran a piece detailing the overwhelmingly-Democratic money that is actually fueling the supposedly-Republican group, The Lincoln Project. But if it was embarrassing enough to learn that this NeverTrump “conservative” initiative was actually being funded by longtime Democratic Party stalwarts, today’s revelation is perhaps even more humiliating. Thanks to a new report in The New York Post, we now know that Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt – a man who never misses a chance to go on MSNBC and paint Trump as the greatest threat to the republic since Jefferson Davis – actually wanted to join the 2016 Trump campaign.

Feast on this, courtesy of the Post:

Steve Schmidt, one of the co-founders of anti-Trump political action group the Lincoln Project, met with then-candidate Donald Trump and tried to join his campaign during a 2016 Manhattan meeting, sources with knowledge of the conversation told The Post.

But the Republican operative — best known for his work on John McCain’s failed presidential bid before becoming one of the faces of the “Never Trump” movement — failed to get the gig because Trump thought he was a “total idiot,” one of the sources said.

Ten days after Schmidt’s March 2016 meeting at Trump Tower, the campaign hired Paul Manafort as chairman and eventually promoted him to campaign manager.

Schmidt is on record admitting that he took a meeting with the campaign at the time, but he insisted that he just wanted an up close and personal look at the circus. But according to those who were actually there, this wasn’t Schmidt doing reconnaissance for the nascent NeverTrump movement; this was Schmidt looking for a job. Once source told the Post that Schmidt thought Trump was “the best candidate he had ever seen” and he wanted desperately to be a part of the campaign.

Apparently, Trump was not impressed with Schmidt’s interview, nor his history of questionable loyalty. The Republican primary frontrunner reportedly said that Schmidt was “very untrustworthy” and a “total idiot.”

“The president was very turned off by the fact that Schmidt had turned on McCain, his former boss, for the money,” the source told the Post.

Not long after he was rebuffed by the soon-to-be-president, Schmidt changed his tune drastically, using the MSNBC airwaves to become one of the most outspoken NeverTrump pundits on the scene.

There are many words we could use to describe a man such as this, but most of them can’t be printed on a family site like this one. How about we go with “pathetic loser” and call it a day.

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