Hunter Trying to Sidestep Action From Justice Department


Hunter Biden is trying to settle the Justice Department’s probe into potential tax fraud, money laundering, and violation of lobbying laws, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

Trump-appointed U.S. prosecutor David Weiss has been weighing for months whether there is sufficient evidence to indict Hunter. But time is running short. The probe is wrapping up after years of investigation. Hunter is hoping to settle the investigation without criminal or civil charges, the Times outlined :

The criminal investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes and international work appears to be coming to a head. Justice Department prosecutors have met in recent weeks to discuss whether to move forward with the case. In the coming months, the department is expected to make a final decision about whether to bring criminal or civil charges, or to reach some sort of settlement that could include a significant fine.

The allies prefer that the president’s son continue to keep a low profile and follow exactly what his primary defense lawyer, Chris Clark, tells him to do. They want Hunter Biden to do whatever he can to settle the matter with the Justice Department if prosecutors decide they want to charge him, according to the person familiar with their thinking.

David Weiss, the 20-year federal prosecutor, will have to weigh if there is enough evidence to seek a federal grand jury indictment against Hunter in an investigation that may end up including other members of the Biden family, such as Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, and potentially the president himself.

Working with his family, including his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, the probe into Hunter may include his business dealings with Ukrainian Energy company Burisma Holdings and a Chinese energy conglomerate.

The investigation could ensnare Joe Biden. Though Biden Snr. and his team have consistently deflected and denied at least nine times that he had knowledge of his family’s corrupt business dealings, evidence shows Joe Biden has played a role in his family’s business dealings at least 11 times.

Most Americans believe the Bidens’ corrupt business practices are worrisome, according to a Harris poll. Fifty-eight percent believe Joe Biden has indeed played a role in his family’s business. Sixty percent say Hunter has sold “influence and access” to Joe Biden. The poll also shows 67 percent believe Joe Biden should be impeached if he “secretly participated and facilitated” in the family’s business.

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  1. Armyvet says

    Like both Clinton’s he wants a privilege life like ol horse face Chelsea Clinton. Enough of the democRats crimes. Time to make them all pay

    1. George says

      The DemonRat Traitors should pay. All of them! Crimes against We the People.

  2. Mike says

    Everyone keeps forgetting, Hunter is above the law. That’s right,he’s a Democrat.

  3. Leslie says

    So sick of hearing about this POS.
    Why doesn’t anything happen to these corrupt people who degrade Americans.
    Law suits with plenty evidence just drag on forever, Hillary, Obama, Hunter, Pelosi and many more should not be above the law!
    “”Git er done””

  4. jerry1944 says

    What a waste of money Yes hunter and the whole bitme family is crooked that is how they stole the election BUT they are dem and have a crooked FBI , DOJ Intel group and sheep follow s Nothing will happen in the end UNLESS they might have to slap his hand for show

  5. Leslie says

    Exactly what more “evidence” does the prosecution need? The Biden crime family including Joe needs to be indicted and stand trial for the crimes they did commit! That includes the matriarch Joe Biden. If not, release all political prisoners that have been incarcerated for a lot lesser crimes and kiss our law and order goodbye. Who’s in charge, the Biden regime or the federal prosecutors? That there’s even a question about having enough evidence – are you kidding?! A child could figure it out

  6. Donald Ludwig says

    I can not begin to imagine the investigations and press coverage if the last name was switched from Biden to Trump! There would be 24/7 coverage by the press and a huge team searching under every rock or hiding place for whatever they could find. I don’t suppose Joe Biden shutting down domestic oil production has anything to do with his son’s deals with Ukraine Oil Companies and the “Big Guy” in the White House’s share does seem more than questionable! The whole Trump family would be in jail by now! There are many things I dislike about Trump, but he did do a great job in the short time he was in the Oval Office! My retirement accounts actually grew a fair amount after years of being stagnant!

  7. aaa says

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