ICE Arrests Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants in 3-State Raid

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is President Trump’s first line of defense when it comes to making good on his promise to begin enforcing U.S. immigration law, and it looks like the agents on the ground are only too pleased to play their important role. According to top ICE officials, the agency arrested 248 illegal immigrants in three states over the past two weeks, 50 of whom have been deported on previous occasions.

Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Delaware were the states where ICE agents conducted their comprehensive roundup – an operation that began on February 27 and ended on March 10.

“ICE officers make extraordinary efforts to keep our communities safe, and this operation is just a small example of what they do every day. ERO officers took oaths to protect the homeland and to arrest individuals in violation of immigration laws,” said ICE official Jennifer Ritchey in a statement. “This operation resulted in multiple arrests of individuals with violent criminal arrests or convictions in the three-state region.”

Much of the operation was focused on Philadelphia, which is one of many sanctuary cities where local law enforcement officers are prohibited from handing criminal aliens over to the feds.

“In the Philadelphia area, ICE arrested several at large criminal aliens in which the agency had issued detainers but the City of Philadelphia failed to honor them and released the individuals from custody — a situation that puts the public at unnecessary risk. ICE will continue to conduct targeted enforcement operations, whether local jurisdictions intend to cooperate with ICE or not,” said Ritchey.

Ah, the magic of enforcing the law. In this operation, ICE took hundreds of dangerous criminals off the streets of Philadelphia…against the wishes of the Democratic leadership in that city! How can anyone who isn’t actually an illegal immigrant themselves possibly oppose this? Who, other than rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth liberals, actually wants their local government to protect these people from deportation?

We’ll never understand. Hopefully, with Trump in charge, we’ll no longer have to make the effort. These cities will be forced into compliance one way or the other, and then that will be the end of it.

Maybe that’s a pipe dream, but it’s never before seemed closer to reality.

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