Idiot Pelosi Decides Democrats Should Run AGAINST Booming Economy

We can’t blame Democrat candidates across the country for putting as much distance as possible between themselves and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Outside of her home district of San Francisco, California, the woman is pure political poison – an angry, confused shrew who seems completely oblivious to the mood of the country. While she’s on solid footing (for her party) when it comes to bashing President Trump, she seems like a woman adrift when she strays from that basic message. For instance: Her latest comments on the economy, which make it seem as though the Democrats will be running AGAINST the booming job numbers that just came out!

Um, good luck with that.

The May jobs report was nothing short of spectacular, showing that another 223,000 jobs were created and unemployment was down to lows this country hasn’t seen in 18 years. These aren’t the political spin numbers we regularly got from the Obama administration; these are hard facts that the Democratic Party must reckon with if they are to stand any chance of electoral success in November. The American people don’t want to hear from Elizabeth “We Have to Fight the Billionaires” Warren when they are gainfully employed and making more money, collectively, than they’ve made in decades. But if Warren is tone deaf, Pelosi is missing her ears altogether.

“People say, ‘Oh my goodness, the unemployment rate is down, why isn’t my purchasing power increasing?’” she wrote on Twitter. “So, this isn’t just about the unemployment rate, it’s about the wages rising in our country, so that consumer confidence is restored.”

Uh-huh. Two problems with that: One, no one anywhere, at any time, has ever uttered the quoted sentence that Pelosi made up in order to invent a campaign issue out of thin air. Second, if there’s anything that doesn’t require improving, it’s consumer confidence.

The latest edition of the Consumer Confidence Index from the Conference Board shows that American consumer confidence rose 2.4 points in May, reaching its highest point in more than 17 years.

“Overall,” said Lynn Franco of the Conference Board, “confidence levels remain at historically strong levels and should continue to support solid consumer spending in the near-term.”

And Pelosi thinks that the answer to that message is to go around promising to repeal the Republican tax cuts? Just…wow.

Unfortunately, the only other message Democrats have to run on is the typical anti-Trump, “resistance”-tinged rhetoric that the American people have grown bored with. With Trump enjoying higher approval ratings than at any other time in his presidency, an “impeachment”-style campaign season is not going to do the left any favors. That leaves the party, and Pelosi, with scrapheap issues like illegal immigration…and that’s just not going to get the job done.

Say farewell to that blue wave, Nancy. We don’t think it’s ever going to materialize.


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