If You Were Angry About Antifa Burning Bibles, Blame…Putin?


The New York Times neatly avoided covering last week’s story, which saw far-left protesters in Portland take a brief respite from rioting and attack cops to burn Bibles (and the American flag) in an impromptu street fire. But then, that came as no surprise to anyone; the Times and their cohorts in the mainstream media have done everything possible to shield their readers from learning the truth about what’s happening in Portland. There’s no rioting, and if there is, it is wholly the fault of antagonistic “stormtroopers” from the federal government. But there is no rioting. And certainly, no one is burning Bibles, come on.

Okay, maybe a couple of people are burning Bibles.

“A few protesters among the many thousands appear to have burned a single Bible — and possibly a second — for kindling to start a bigger fire. None of the other protesters seemed to notice or care,” the Times reported on Wednesday. “Yet in the rush to paint all the protesters as Bible-burning zealots, few of the politicians or commentators who weighed in on the incident took the time to look into the story’s veracity, or to figure out that it had originated with a Kremlin-backed video news agency. And now, days later, the Portland Bible burnings appear to be one of the first viral Russian disinformation hits of the 2020 presidential campaign.”

Hmm. How does the truth qualify as “disinformation,” exactly? The video clearly showed that there were only limited protesters gathered around the fire. No one insinuated otherwise. So what point is the Times trying to make here? That it’s somehow wrong to even mention that this happened…because the video first made its way onto a Russian site? Well, you know, if we had a media in this country that would actually do its job, maybe we wouldn’t have to rely on Ruptly for real-time images of what’s happening to our cities!

Or maybe the point the Times is trying to make is that only a handful of Portland protesters were actually burning Bibles. And you can’t brush them all with that tiny brush. But, um, remind us again how many cops put their knees on George Floyd’s neck? How much national strife, destruction, violence, and systemic change has that justified?

Okay, you want to make a distinction between the killing of a man and the burning of a Bible. Fine. Then maybe we should recall how one teenager’s smile in the face of a Native American sent the media and the left into a tizzy for nearly a week. We don’t remember the Times digging around to see if THAT video had been circulated by the Russians, but it was certainly disinformation.

The fall election has hardly even started, and the left is already back with their “THE RUSSIANS, THE RUSSIANS” panic alarms. Maybe their real concern is that Kremlin-backed news agencies will expose how much the U.S. media is hiding from the public.

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