Ilhan Omar Believes Biden is Guilty. But She’ll Still Vote For Him.

At this point in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s short time in the national spotlight, we would not be surprised by anything she says. After she dismissed the 9/11 attacks as “something some people did,” our capacity to be shocked by her callous anti-Americanism dried up overnight. She has proven herself to be one of the most wretched creatures to ever inhabit the Capitol, and you can imagine the kind of ground that covers.

So it was with little more than a soft grunt and a shake of the head that we read Omar’s take on Joe Biden and the sexual assault allegations against him. Asked by the UK’s Sunday Times (in the same interview that she declared herself “America’s hope”) about Tara Reade’s accusations, Omar acknowledged that she believed Biden’s former staffer.

“I do believe Reade,” she said. “Justice can be delayed, but should never be denied.”

This rankled Democrats on Twitter, who are worried that the latest #MeToo scandal will wind up hurting the bottom line.

“Ms. Omar, I am not an admirer,” said one user. “We don’t think -we know- that MAGA and Russia are working to defeat a moderate Dem. I found the comments irresponsible. You should’ve said: ‘I don’t know If Tara Reade is telling the truth and of course, as a surrogate of Bernie’s, I didn’t want Biden.’”

Omar replied: “Believing survivors is consistent with my values. Yes, I endorsed against Biden and I didn’t pick him as our nominee. With that said, in this interview I did on May 6th, we talked about that and quotes aren’t always in context. I will vote for him and help him defeat Trump.”

It’s pretty damn interesting that Omar was worried about her quotes being taken out of context – not because they suggested that she would support someone she believes to be a sexual abuser, but because they suggested she wouldn’t! Glad you cleared that up, Ilhan. We thought for a half-second that you might actually have a thimbleful of integrity. Thanks for putting those illusions to bed.

We don’t know if Tara Reade is telling the truth or not, but in many ways, her honesty is beside the point. The point has become whether or not feminists and Democrats have the courage of their convictions. It’s easy to throw someone under the bus when you already hated them for their ideology; it’s a real test of your character to hold your allies to the same standards. 99% of leftist politicians and pundits have failed that test.

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