Ilhan Omar’s Husband’s Firm Raking In Payments Again From Committee Linked to ‘Squad’ Member

A consulting firm co-owned by Rep. Ilhan Omar’s husband, Tim Mynett, appears to be back in business after ostensibly halting its political operations at the federal level following controversy stemming from Omar’s campaign shelling out millions to the company. 

The Minnesota progressive’s campaign dished out nearly $3 million to Mynett’s firm, E Street Group, before criticism had forced her to terminate the contract in November 2020. Mynett and his business partner then appeared to veer away from their political operation to consult wine and beverage companies.

Mynett’s firm, however, appears to have reopened the doors to its political business after recently taking in cash from an Omar-linked committee.

The E Street Group received a $15,000 research consulting payment from the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s federal committee on Feb. 25, records show. 

Mynett’s firm hauled in the money just two days after Omar’s campaign transferred $15,000 into the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s coffers. Omar’s campaign sent $22,000 to the committee this cycle before the payment. 

“E Street Group is a well-known and widely respected political consulting and advertising firm that has worked with political parties and candidates throughout the country and here in Minnesota,” Ken Martin, chair of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, told Fox News.

Martin said that anyone who consults with their federal and state campaign finance reports can see they have worked with the E Street Group on projects that include “fundraising, independent and multi-candidate expenditures at the state and federal level, voter turnout operations, and much more.” 

As Mynett’s firm halted payments at the federal level, it quietly received $31,000 from the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s state committee in less than a month late last year, its state filings show. 

The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, which has endorsed Omar, last shoveled federal cash into Mynett’s firm in September 2020.

The federal committee dished out $128,000 to the E Street Group for the 2020 elections, all of which went toward “volunteer exempt mail” for Omar, filings show. Omar’s campaign pushed $430,000 to the committee throughout the cycle. 

The E Street Group did not respond to a request for comment on the newest federal payment and the group’s current operations.

Mynett’s previous run at the federal level netted the firm millions of dollars, primarily from Omar’s campaign. The campaign doled out nearly $3 million to the E Street Group to cover advertisements, consulting, travel expenses and production costs.

After insisting that she would not cut off the agreement between her campaign and her husband’s firm, Omar emailed supporters in November 2020 to announce she was terminating the contract.

Omar’s cash constituted almost 80 percent of the money her husband’s firm had received from federal political committees. The last payment from a federal committee was sent to the group more than one year ago, filings show.

Mynett and his business partner, Will Hailer, are still listed as governors of the E Street Group in its Washington, D.C. business records. Hailer also submitted a registration for ESTREETCO LLC in California in late October 2020, according to filings in the Golden State. 

Mynett and Hailer, meanwhile, pivoted their efforts toward the wine and beverage industry after Omar had nixed the contract. The duo offered companies advertising, public relations and web services. 

According to the D.C. business records, the trade name for that company,, was canceled in October 2021. The similarly named California limited liability company remains in good standing. 

E Street’s beverage consulting website now displays a blank slate, while its political consulting website is active

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