Illegal Immigrants More Employed Than U.S. Men

According to representatives from the Pew Research Center, illegal immigrant males are more likely to hold gainful employment in the United States than their citizen counterparts. Demographer Jeffrey Passel told Congress that as of 2012 – the most recent year for which statistics are available – 91 percent of illegal immigrant men were in the workforce as compared to only 79 percent of U.S.-born men.

“Unauthorized immigrant men of working age are considerably more likely to be in the workforce than U.S.-born men,” Passel wrote in his official testimony before the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee. He went on to explain that “unauthorized immigrants are more likely than the overall U.S. population to be of working age and less likely to be young or older. That is one reason that the unauthorized immigrant share of the labor force is higher than its share of the population overall.”

Of course, given his use of the word “unauthorized” to describe these immigrants, one can surmise Passel’s political bent. Seeing him make demographical excuses for what is an inexcusable situation is therefore no surprise.

And what is the nature of that high employment rate? Well, according to a new report done by Pew, more illegals than ever have moved into the white collar field. Since the recession, 180,000 more illegals have taken on management or professional jobs. The study confirmed that 13 percent of illegal immigrants were working in these better-paying jobs as of 2012. Passel attributed this to an overall shift in the American marketplace as well as the Dream Act, qualifiers of which mostly went to college.

These numbers, of course, will only continue to swell once the president’s 2014 executive actions are implemented. Unless stopped by the 26-state lawsuit against the administration, those actions will provide illegal with Social Security numbers, work permits, and protection from deportation. Employers will no longer have to hire them on the down-low, and because they will not be subject to Obamacare’s employer mandate, they will have plenty of reasons to favor them over U.S.-born workers. It doesn’t take a wizard to see how this will turn out.

This is all the more reason to elect an anti-illegal immigration president in 2016, an outcome that seems less likely by the day. So paralyzed by the fear that they will drive away Hispanic voters, the GOP seems unwilling to throw their support behind a hardline candidate. Of course, the sanctity of our borders has absolutely nothing to do with race. The left, unfortunately, has managed to shape the conversation in such a way that Americans who oppose amnesty are accused of xenophobia and “jealous hoarding,” as one NY Times writer put it. As long as they’re able to paint this as a moral issue rather than an economic and cultural imperative, they’ll win every time. It’s up to us to find candidates and representatives who can explain that there’s nothing morally objectionable about enforcing the law.

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