Impeaching Trump Won’t Help Democrats Win Back His Voters


In one way, it only makes sense that the Democratic Party would do it this way. After all, their entire philosophy of governing revolves around the same error in judgement: If your solution to the problem doesn’t work, the only reasonable answer is to…double down on that solution! Never admit defeat. Never admit that you were wrong. Just put your head down, grit your teeth, and spend more money until the problem goes away.

So when you see the Democratic Party look at their problem – white working class voters think the party has drifted too far to the left so they took a chance on Trump – it only makes sense that the party would a) Spend all of their time attacking Trump and b) Go even further to the left. Brilliant!

According to a new feature story in the New Yorker, some, though, are beginning to question that strategy. If, after all, one of the central reasons that Hillary Clinton lost the election is because white working voters in the Rust Belt traded Obama in for Trump, how does going full bore against the president actually help them get those voters back? The Democrats are playing this game as though the problem lies in a lack of enthusiasm among the left-wing base. That’s not the problem. The rabids are the rabids. You see them out there at the town halls and in the streets with their clever little signs. Sometimes you see them wearing bandanas around their faces, turning over trash cans and lighting cop cars on fire. Maybe they vote and maybe they don’t, but the one thing they don’t need is to be motivated by the Democratic Party.

The ones who switched to vote for Trump, though? They need some convincing. And right now, the party isn’t doing jack squat to draw them back into the fold.

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From the New Yorker:

Should Democrats bet their future on attacking Trump and pledge, as the California billionaire donor Tom Steyer now wants them to do, to pursue Trump’s impeachment, at all costs, if they win back the House next year? Should they give up on the white voters who went for Trump in 2016 even though many had been reliably Democratic in the past? Was Clinton’s defeated primary challenger, Bernie Sanders, right to try to pull the Party to the left?

Without a resolution to these questions, the next Democratic nominee may well end up caught in the same trap in which Hillary Clinton found herself, stuck defending the legacy of the two-term Obama Presidency, even as the economic dislocations of the Obama era fueled the rise of populism on both left and right.

The picture seems clear enough from where we’re standing, but we suppose the Democrats have to pander to the lunatics on their left flank. Until someone in the party wakes up and realizes that millions of white, hardworking Americans are sick of being villainized and demonized by overzealous Social(ist) Justice Warriors, their share of the electoral pie is going to shrink and shrink and shrink.

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