Impeachment Inquiry is Actually Killing Public Support of Impeachment

The more Democrats show their cards to the American people, the more the American people see that they’re holding junk. A Politico-Morning Consult poll released Tuesday shows that opposition to the House’s impeachment inquiry has increased 10 points among independents, meaning the public hearings are actually having the opposite of their intended effect. Despite round-the-clock alarm bells bleating from the major media, the public just isn’t buying it.

47% of independent voters oppose the inquiry, according to the new poll. That’s a jump from only 37% last week. In one week, Democrats have lost 10% of independents. That’s how weak their witnesses have been. At this rate, Republicans don’t even need to put on a defense of the president. They can just sit back and watch the Democrats hang themselves with their own rope.

Among all respondents – Republican, Democrats, and Independents – support for the impeachment inquiry fell two points.

You don’t think this has Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff feeling a little bit nervous?

The entire gameplan for this impeachment inquiry was to turn public support against President Donald Trump. In a best case scenario, Democrats believed they could make a case so strong that the public would come unglued and Trump’s base would begin peeling away in scores. This, in turn, would leave Republicans in the Senate with no choice but to vote for impeachment. Next time you turn around, you’ve got President Mike Pence trying to hold onto his newfound office while Democrats put their 2020 challenger up against a guy who has never had a tenth the popularity of Donald Trump. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am, Democrats take the White House.

Now, we doubt that Pelosi, as politically savvy as she is, ever had a whole lot of hope for this scenario. No, she knew from the start that Republicans in the Senate were never going to convict. Her strategy was simply to weaken Trump to the point where he would be easy pickings next November. Yes, an acquittal going into the elections was not optimal, but she was sure that Democrats could put on a good enough show to make it look like Republicans were covering for Trump’s wrongdoing.

Instead, the party is left with their worst-case-scenario. The public just isn’t buying this crap. The witnesses never heard or saw anything. It’s just an unending series of speculative arguments. Far from proving that an impeachable crime has been committed, Democrats have struggled to even get Americans to care.

There was a time, not that long ago, that Nancy Pelosi knew that bringing impeachment charges against Trump was a terrible idea. You have to think, looking at these poll numbers, that she’s cursing herself for going against that earlier, better wisdom.

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