In Front of Kids? CNN’s Jim Acosta Needs to Be Medicated

For all the terrible reporting and one-sided punditry that CNN has unleashed on the public since Donald Trump first announced he was running for president, their low point continues to be their ongoing employment of Jim Acosta. Not only is it an embarrassment to both the network and the entire field of journalism that he still has a job facing the public, but it is a disgrace of almost unimaginable proportions that CNN actually promoted him to be their chief White House correspondent. At this point, we don’t even blame Acosta, who is clearly riding his tomfoolery all the way to the bank. Our blame lies with the idiots who call the shots at CNN.

Still, Acosta is the man out front, so he’s the one that’s going to take the heat when he acts climbs up on his high horse and acts like an ass in front of young children at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Yes, even this family-friendly occasion struck Acosta as the right time to try and pepper President Trump with loud, obnoxious questions about illegal immigration.

“Mr. President, what about the DACA kids?” yelled CNN’s village idiot while Trump colored with children. “Should they worry about what is going to happen to them, sir?”

What point does this question serve, other than to give Acosta something to play on his Twitter feed while strutting around like a peacock? Is there any journalistic merit whatsoever to this question? What did he really expect the president to say? Does Jim Acosta know ANYTHING about real journalism?

Trump would have had every right to simply ignore the question, but he apparently felt sorry for Acosta, whose elevator does not go all the way to the top. So he handed him his stock answer about Democrats failing to come to the table for a deal and then went back to coloring.

For someone without serious mental health issues, this would have been enough. But Acosta, not being one of those people, kept trying to bait the president. “Didn’t you kill DACA, sir?” he asked. “Didn’t you kill DACA?”

Acosta’s out-of-control, hysterical attempt at putting himself over at a kids’ event was a bridge too far for many Trump supporters – even those who have grown accustomed to the antics of CNN’s chief fool. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said Acosta was a “self-aggrandizing activist hack,” while Sebastian Gorka said the incident proved that “CNN has lost all pretense of being a provider of news.”

We’d say they crossed that line a long time ago, but yeah, Acosta’s foolishness isn’t doing them any favors.

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