Is Hillary In Trouble With This Current Investigation?


Nothing seems to divide media coverage more than political investigations – and none more than the work of Special Counsel John Durham.  Fox News reports regularly in the case of Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden, while the leftwing news either totally ignores those stories or spins their brief coverage to an attack on FOX for covering those stories.  They obsessively cover only the Trump investigations.

Durham was appointed to dig into the root causes for the investigation of the bogus allegations that the 2016 Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians to win the election. You will recall that the leftwing media carried those unsubstantiated accusations as headline news for several years – always with the prosecutorial spin that its accusations were true.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigated and found that there was no such collusion.  The whole thing was arguably the biggest phony conspiracy theory of all time.

How such a totally fabricated accusation had gained so much gravitas – with top people in the law enforcement and intelligence communities seeming to be doing the fabrication – is exactly what Durham is checking out.  A major issue was the creation and the use of the phony Steele Dossier.

Unlike the Mueller investigation, the Durham probe has been largely ignored by the press – even when there have been significant developments.  This has led politicians on both sides to make self-serving claims – and they are extreme.  Democrats keep saying “nothing to see” while Republicans see a criminal conspiracy by a cabal of bad actors within the government and the Clinton campaign.

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So, what is going on?  What do we actually know?

Based on the opinions expressed on both sides, Durham is a professional – a highly regarded investigator.  Someone on whom we can rely.  Of course, his reputation is important to the credibility of whatever he has found – or will find in the future.

Because the Durham investigation has not been beset by all the political leaks that characterized the Mueller investigation, we do not know a lot.  But we do know some things.

We do know that the dossier was produced by British agent Christopher Steele – and that it was paid for surreptitiously by operatives associated with the Clinton Campaign.  We know that it was used unvetted by the FBI to obtain surveillance warrants on the Trump campaign – a practice so out of line with proper procedures.  And the courts have since admonished the FBI for their breech of protocol.

We know that then-FBI Director James Comey wanted to trigger the naming of a special counsel to investigate Trump by giving confidential FBI information to a friend to leak to the Washington Post.  We know that because, under oath, Comey admitted as much.

But not much has reached the public in the past year or so until a Grand Jury empaneled by Durham issued the indictment of powerhouse attorney Michael Sussman for lying.  It had to do with information suggesting a Trump/Putin conspiracy that Sussman brought to the FBI apparently at the behest of the Clinton campaign. Of course, it there was not proof of any such conspiracy.

Sussman had claimed that he was providing the information as a “good citizen” – and not on behalf of any clients.  It was later established that he was representing two clients – the Clinton Presidential Campaign and an executive of a technology company associated with the Clinton campaign – later identified as Rodney Joffe.   Sussman also leaked the information to the media to malign the Trump campaign and put more pressure on the FBI.

From what we know, the accusation of the Trump Campaign colluding with Russian meddling was a false narrative – as determined by Mueller.  And we do know that it was launched by folks associated with the Clinton campaign.

We know that the phony dossier was paid for by people associated with the Clinton campaign – and it was produced by foreign actors, including Steele and Russian operatives.  That leaves open the question as to whether the Clinton campaign was criminally colluding with Russians to influence the 2016 election.

We know that Clinton operatives were deeply involved in using the unvetted dossier to launch the Mueller investigation.  

But there are things we do not know.  Did the known activity of the Clinton operatives reach the level of criminality – beyond the indictment of Sussman?  Did FBI officials commit crimes when they developed dubious information and then leaked it to the press?

Durham did cause a tempest in a teapot when – in a routine filing with the court – he wrote that Joffe had gained access to Internet information from “(i) a particular healthcare provider, (ii) Trump Tower, (iii) Donald Trump’s Central Park West apartment building, and (iv) the Executive Office of the President of the United States.”

That caused a flurry of accusations from Trump supporters, but it turned out the data from the White House was near the end of the Obama administration.

No one knows when the Durham investigation will come to a conclusion – or what will be done with his findings.  While Democrats are playing it down by avoiding ongoing coverage, they are still a bit nervous.  They are hoping that nothing significant is revealed before the 2022 midterm elections.  Stay tuned.

So, there ‘tis.

  1. Anonymous says

    Get china out of Congress and senate. Bring Biden to be the Trader that he is to our country and our people. Looks like China’s long time goals are winning the game . There is to Much happening in our own country that says anything else. The American people is not stupid. Wake up America your freedoms are being taken away every day. Look at Canada and you don’t think China has plotted this Hah Hah Hah

  2. Dee says

    Hillary and her co-conspirators should all go to prison. Will they??? Who knows because we live in a country where the politicians literally get away with murder. Wow! Nice church going people! Pelosi claims “no one is above the law” but she intentionally left out, “except congress and the president”.

    1. REX says

      It’s doubtful since the statute of limitations will allow Clinton to escape prosecution.

      1. Mark Donovan says

        I think it’s 5 years on federal crimes. So …..

  3. Rodger Shull says

    I hope that this investigation puts her and her buddies in the big house , until they are let out to go home, in a body bag.

  4. Carlie says

    Unfortunately, only the small fries will fall! The big fish will skate like always!

  5. Bill Meeker says

    No, Hillary does not have anything to worry about. She has avoided indictments to this point so she certainly has no reason to worry about Durham investigation now.

  6. PurePurple says

    It is said some people have it all and it sure looks like Killary does. All the corruption both her and Slick Willie got away with it is a damn shame. Anyone else would be convicted and put in prison for many years. Killary’s involvement with Benghazi isn’t hardly mentioned, the families are still waiting for answers but probably won’t ever receive. The deaths of the so called “suicides” of many acquaintances the Clintons knew, it goes on. If Durham can make a solid no doubt case against her it would be the greatest gift to a lot of people. My hope is it will come true. No one is above the law….NO ONE!!

  7. David Landoll says

    Only Democrats are above the law!

  8. Frank J Stagg says

    I predict, here and now, that no one will be punished or go to jail because of Durham’s “investigation”. I sincerely wish the opposite, but this grey beard has seen too many Washington insiders especially DEMs skate despite much more serious charges, Our political and legal system is corrupt to the core.

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