Is Mike Pence Preparing to Take Over as President?

Neither Joe Biden nor Dick Cheney had working political fundraising mechanisms while serving as vice president, but Mike Pence is reportedly getting one off the ground. The unusual move is being seen by some as a way for Pence to take advantage of his strong relationships within Congress as well as his indisputable reputation within conservative evangelical circles, but others see it as a sign that the vice president is preparing to take over for Donald Trump in case the boss resigns or is impeached.

Pence is forming a PAC called “The Great American Committee” to raise money for Republicans running in the upcoming midterm elections, but the donation group could also be used to fund future campaigns on behalf of the vice president himself. It would make Pence the first sitting vice president since George H.W. Bush to have a PAC of his own…and Bush only formed the committee in 1988, when it was already announced that he would be running for president.

At Politico, presidential historian Douglas Brinkley said that you could easily draw parallels between Pence and Gerald Ford, who took over for President Nixon after the Watergate scandal forced him to resign.

“It’s almost an eerie comparison that a more mild-mannered, religious conservative Republican like Gerald Ford came in,” Brinkley told the site. “He’s much like Pence in temperament and personality. He doesn’t have that acerbic side that Nixon and Trump had.”

Few insiders expect that Trump will voluntarily step aside for Pence to take the wheel, but with the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and increasingly emboldened Democrats hinting at impeachment proceedings, one can never know what the future may hold. At this point, the unending flow of (largely imaginary) scandal coming from the White House has frozen Trump’s agenda. It may not be long before even Trump-sympathetic Republicans begin to wonder what kind of legislation they could pass if they could get a less controversial figure in the Oval Office.

Those hopes may be misplaced. If you take a look at the media these days, you can see that Democrats are trying to smear Pence with the same brush they’ve been using to tar Trump. They’ve grown so arrogant about their successful trashing of the president that they’re already beginning to chip away at his would-be successor. Any conservative who thinks that the media will “go back to normal” if Trump is thrown out is deluding themselves. With Pence at the helm, maybe the NeverTrump crowd will finally realize that this was never ABOUT Donald Trump to begin with. The Democrat/Media alliance is DONE with conservative America…and too many conservatives are helping them put the final nail in the coffin.


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