ISIS Doesn’t Speak for All Muslims. Neither Do the Khans.

Two or three months from now, the lasting memory from the Democratic National Convention will probably be Khizr Khan’s emotionally-charged speech bashing Donald Trump for his proposed ban on Muslim immigration. Khan, joined on stage by his wife Ghazala, lost his son – Army Captain Humayun Khan – in 2004 to a car bombing in Iraq.

Khan, whose son was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart, angrily denounced Trump’s rhetoric and demanded to know what sacrifices he had made for the country. He even took a copy of the Constitution out and questioned whether the Republican nominee had ever read the document.

Even Republican voters had to admit, it was powerful stuff.

Politically speaking, Trump would have done himself a favor by saying as little about Khan’s speech as possible. There’s simply no capital in attacking a Gold Star family. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help himself, insinuating in two separate interviews that Khan’s wife was silent because her Muslim faith prohibited her from speaking. This was quickly proven wrong as Mrs. Khan spoke at length in subsequent interviews. Worse, Trump’s unnecessary counterpunch has given the media license to keep talking about a speech that can only hurt his poll numbers.

That aside, though, lets recall what CAIR and the Democrats always remind us after every devastating terror attack: That the radical Islamic killers do not represent the views of the vast majority of Muslims.

True enough.

But then, neither does Khizr Khan.

There are Muslims who love America and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep her safe. There are Muslims who are indifferent and apolitical. And there are certainly Muslims who despise America and would sooner kill Westerners than submit to the values that built this country.

It’s this latter group that Trump wants to keep out of the country. And by temporarily suspending Muslim immigration until our national intelligence officials can properly vet each applicant, we can improve security for all Americans, including Muslim-Americans. It’s not bigotry or hate; it’s common sense and prudence. Two things that have been missing from our leadership for far too long.

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