It’s Time to Dismantle Higher Education

The campus culture wars have reached a fever pitch over the last year, and most of the news has not been good for those who prize conservative values. Fraternities have been named and shamed for being hotbeds of racism and rape. Men have been punished for aggressions as mild as merely “resembling” a woman’s rapist. Muslim groups have successfully banned American Sniper from at least three separate campuses. One student group even went as far as to claim the American flag was offensive to many of the school’s students.

Of course, the problem with America’s system of higher education runs a lot deeper than a few isolated incidents of bizarre liberalism. Our nation’s universities have become biased, left-wing centers of indoctrination, utterly abandoning any semblance of objectivity. Administrators are only too eager to let students form a pro-ISIS club, but they don’t have any tolerance for conservative viewpoints. It infects everything from the culture to the classroom. Young men and women, many of whom are being exposed to political thought for the first time in their lives, graduate with the views of their professors. And the cycle continues.

This problem isn’t going to solve itself. In fact, there is every indication that it is going to get worse. Democrats are trying desperately to create a system that starts in pre-K and goes right on through to college graduation. A set of standards that has been molded in such a way that liberals can start their indoctrination early. They were successful in their efforts to get God out of our public schools. Now they want to finish the job and make sure that any “conservative” views are just as unwelcome.

There are only two possible solutions. One, we fight for our educational system with everything we have. We put our foot down and demand equal time. We keep our public schools out of the clutches of the federal government and we call out the propaganda that is currently infesting our colleges.

The other choice is to set up our own system. Our own schools, our own standards, and our own colleges. We go private. We embrace homeschooling. We find ways to make a conservative education possible for families who can’t afford significant tuitions. We prove, step by step and piece by piece, that we don’t have to abide by a liberal system to give our children a chance to succeed. We make this a real movement, and we fight with passion and heart.

The only other alternative – and it’s the one we seem content with – is to complain, gripe, and mutter our way into an obsolete minority. To stand by and watch as America turns into something it was never meant to be. To let liberals take the wheel while we sit in the backseat bitching about their choices. That’s one way to do it. Easier, certainly. But if the future of the country is at stake, then it’s simply not an option.

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