Jill Biden Wasn’t Happy With Kamala For VP


Jill Biden wasn’t happy with the selection of Kamala Harris as VP. Don’t take our word for it, Politico is reporting what they found in an early copy of This Will Not Pass. They revealed a glaring passage:

“Speaking in confidence with a close adviser to her husband’s campaign, the future First lady posed a pointed question. There are millions of people in the United States, she began. Why, she asked, do we have to choose the one who attacked Joe?”

Of course the First Lady was referring to the Democratic Presidential debates where Kamala Harris appealed to the nation’s pity regarding Biden being on the wrong side of history — implying that he was an unwitting racist.

So there it is, we’re not the only ones who recognize these contrived bedfellows at the head of the state. The President’s own wife sees it too. I’m sure that we could all look past it if everything were going swimmingly, but there is chaos abound and as Tucker Carlson says, “this is how she is”:

  1. Leo says

    Bidumb’s puppet master(s) made the cackles choice for VP not Bidumb.

  2. Driller says

    Whose is Rachel Levine, and why is it trying to act like a woman and why did it win the woman of the year award?

    Why is there a man competing in women’s swimming??? Could not win in a mans swim completion?

    Why does Biden feel he deserves a fence around his house but he thinks America is okay with open borders and letting criminals come across the southern border illegally?

  3. Jim Griffith says

    Biden is as Racist as they come. He was best friends with Robert Byrd who was Grand Poo Bah of KKK. Biden spoke at his Funeral he Campaigned with and for Byrd and that’s just the tip of the Iceberg of Bidens Racism

  4. George says

    Oh My… Poor Jill isn’t happy with cameltoe…I got news for Her ! .Neither is America.

  5. George says

    America isn’t happy with either of the worthless dogs.

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