Jindal: “We Don’t Need a Second Democratic Party”

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is not one to mince words, and he had plenty of searing criticism for the Obama administration when he took the stage at CPAC. But he reserved his strongest venom for Republican leaders who have failed to live up to their campaign promises.

“We don’t need a second Democratic Party,” Jindal said. “We need principled conservative Republicans.” He argued that Washington Republicans were “waving a white flag on amnesty and Obamacare” and finished his time on stage by asking them to “grow a spine.”

Jindal’s speech echoes the concerns of millions of conservatives who have watched in horror as congressional Republicans give in on nearly every single battle they were elected to fight. The dispute over Homeland Security funding isn’t quite over, but already there are rumblings of surrender. They want to leave Obamacare to the Supreme Court, they claim their hands are tied when it comes to executive amnesty, and they seem more concerned with getting along with Democrats than they do representing their constituents.

Whether Jindal is a promising Republican candidate or not, he is at least what he appears to be. He talks the talk and he walks the walk, and that’s a combination we haven’t seen enough of in Washington D.C. Our current crop of Republican leaders are so beholden to their socially liberal donors that they have lost sight of the big picture. As long as the corporate class gets theirs, the rest of conservative America will have to make do with big promises and shallow results.

A Conservative Revolution

The time has come for a conservative revolution, even if it costs Republicans the next election. It’s time to put true conservatism on the ballot and let America decide. For the last six years, we’ve let the liberal media pick our candidates for us. They’ve done a wonderful job choosing moderate, milquetoast Republicans that fail to bring an inspiring message to the campaign trail. When a real conservative accidentally slips through – Sarah Palin, for instance – they go into hyperdrive, ensuring that anyone with principles is railroaded out of politics.

But this time around, things could be different. The mainstream media has a weaker grip on the American consciousness than at any time in recent history. Young people don’t get their information from the nightly news broadcasts; they get it from Twitter feeds, websites, and political blogs. In 2015, Americans get to choose their own information sources, saving themselves from a one-size-fits-all biased presentation.

The early favorite to win the nomination, of course, is none other than former Florida governor Jeb Bush, the very definition of a RINO. Buoyed by corporate donors and a willing media, he is the natural next candidate after McCain and Romney. And unless the Democrats really screw the pooch, his results will likely be the same.

If we’re going to lose, let’s at least lose on our own terms. Let’s at least offer America a choice. Let’s see where the people stand. The outcome may be a surprise.

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