Joe Biden Recklessly Suggests COVID Vaccine May Not Be “Real”

In his unending effort to portray President Trump as a national threat, Democratic candidate Joe Biden actually suggested this week that Americans would be correct in doubting the legitimacy of a coronavirus vaccine currently being touted by the administration. That vaccine, which is weaving its way through promising trials right now, may or may not be the COVID-stopping force that scientists have been working around the clock to produce. But for a presidential candidate to play games with the public psyche on a subject this serious – that’s a sign of someone who is unfit for the White House.

“How are you going to distribute the vaccine when it arrives, when it arrives, when it’s there?” Biden asked Tuesday. “And the question of whether it’s real, when it’s there, that requires enormous transparency. You got to make all of it available to other experts across the nation, so they can look and see. So there’s consensus, this is a safe vaccine.”

Who said otherwise, you bumbling buffoon?

He continued: “Because already you have what percent of American people saying if the vaccine were there tomorrow, they wouldn’t take it? And it’s not the usual anti-vaccine crowd. It’s beyond that because people are losing faith in what the president says. Think about it.”

“Think about it” – the kind of phrase you say when you’ve just uttered total nonsense. Which is exactly the case here. While we have no doubt that there are a handful of dummies who would refuse the coronavirus vaccine because Orange Man Bad, that’s hardly indicative of this administration’s trustworthiness. They certainly don’t deserve to be put up on some pedestal as if they have something clarifying to say about the state of American politics, much less the state of the vaccine itself.

Imagine if a politician had said that a lot of people didn’t trust what was in their school lunches because Michelle Obama had a hand in designing them. We would have heard about the insolent racism of this hypothetical fellow for weeks. But Biden can get away with saying something this incendiary – this dangerous to American public health – because, hey, it’s Trump, and you can say whatever you want about American Hitler and it’s just fine.

The coronavirus has been politicized beyond any pandemic in history, and while Biden is not the only perpetrator of this politicization, he may be the worst. Rarely does he miss a chance to accuse Trump of killing Americans, of botching the national response to the virus. Tellingly, he has offered precious little in the way of things he would have done differently. Usually when he admonishes the president about his response, he advises him to take measures…that he’s already taken.

But then, this is a guy who literally didn’t know where he was earlier this week, so we suppose it’s all par for the course.

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