Joe Biden Says He Won’t Pardon Trump if Elected President

In a virtual town hall event on MSNBC Thursday, Joe Biden said that if he’s elected president, he will not extend a pardon to President Donald Trump, insisting that all such decisions will be left to the Justice Department and independent prosecutors. The former vice president was prompted by a question from a voter who asked if he’d follow the example set by President Gerald Ford, who granted Richard Nixon a pardon as one of his first moves upon assuming office.

While Biden did not name any potential charge that might be looming over Trump, he said that he would bring independence back to the Justice Department and wrest it from the “dereliction of duty” exemplified by Attorney General William Barr.

“It’s hands off completely. The attorney general is not the president’s lawyer. It’s the people’s lawyer,” Biden said. “We never saw anything like the prostitution of that office like we see it today.”

It’s an interesting answer, coming as it did the same day that the public found out that Biden inserted himself into the case of Michael Flynn. Declassified information brought to light by National Security chief Richard Grenell shows that Biden was among those who called for Flynn’s name to be “unmasked” in transcripts of surveillance of Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak. The president has said that Biden and former President Obama engaged in a conspiracy to ruin Flynn using the levers of power afforded to federal law enforcement.

“I was never a part or had any knowledge of any criminal investigation into Flynn while I was in office, period. Not one single time,” Biden said Thursday.

Of course, to even allow such a question on the air – much less to build your online headlines around them – is an exercise in abject media bias. What, pray tell, is Trump going to be convicted of? When the president gets up there and suggests that Obama is guilty of a crime, the media trips over itself to ask Trump what crime Obama committed. But when Biden says he would not pardon Trump, where are the reporters to ask…of what?

But that’s par for the course for a media that has been telling us for the last four years that Trump is guilty of something. What that “something” is changes with the wind, but rest assured, this guy should definitely be behind bars. And now we have tacit assurance from Biden that he’ll serve his time.

And they say TRUMP is the banana republic dictator?

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