Joe Biden’s Defense: Stop Talking About My Corruption!

Former Vice President Joe Biden has known for years that someone, eventually, was going to bring up the appearance of corruption, impropriety, pay-for-play, and downright abuse of power stemming from his son’s cushy job at a Ukrainian energy company. There’s no way, unless he is fantastically incompetent, that he thought he could get to the finish line of a presidential race without all of this stuff coming out in the wash. And yet, for all that foreknowledge, he appears to have no defense whatsoever. Indeed, the only thing he has to say about this scandal is: Please stop talking about it.

Actually, he didn’t even bother with the “please.”

Biden’s advisers wrote a round of letters to all the major news networks this weekend to “demand” that they no longer book Rudy Giuliani as a guest. This is because Giuliani, who has been doing some digging, seems to have the dirt on Biden, his son, and the abuses that went on during the Obama administration. Instead of refuting Giuliani’s allegations, Biden simply wants President Trump’s personal attorney to shut up.

The former vice president may get a lot of flak for being behind the times as it pertains to progressive ideology, but he’s got one part of it down pat: When you don’t like what your political opponents are saying, just demand that they be canceled!

“We are writing today with grave concern that you continue to book Rudy Giuliani on your air to spread false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf of Donald Trump,” Biden’s campaign advisors wrote to ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox News, and more. “Giving Rudy Giuliani valuable time on your air to push these lies in the first place is a disservice to your audience and a disservice to journalism.”

The left loves to talk about privilege these days, so let’s talk about the enormous privilege of being able to dictate who the networks talk to and what they talk about. What a fantastic privilege for Joe Biden that he can simply tell George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd not to talk about Hunter’s work in Ukraine, lest it prove “misleading” to the voters. And you know what, we have to imagine they’ll dutifully fall in line.

“Think of the Biden arrogance and entitlement to protection,” tweeted Giuliani after news of the memo leaked. “They believe they own the media and they are demanding that they silence me. They know I have incriminating facts, not hearsay, because they know what they did in selling Joe’s office to a Ukrainian crook.”

We also enjoyed this bit from Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign chairman: “Can we request the removal of Democrats on TV that push hoaxes? Wait, but then who would do the interviews?”

Who, indeed.

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