Joe Rogan on Biden: “I’d Rather Vote for Trump”

On his podcast last Friday, UFC commentator and popular host Joe Rogan said that he had no confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to assume the duties and responsibilities of the presidency. Doubling down on remarks he made about Biden’s cognitive decline in March, Rogan told guest Eric Weinstein that he simply couldn’t bring himself to vote for the former vice president.

“I can’t vote for him,” Rogan said. “I’d rather vote for Trump than him. I don’t think he can handle anything. We’re relying entirely on his Cabinet.”

Later on, Rogan said that if Biden’s cognitive abilities were already failing under the stress of the campaign, things would only get worse in the Oval Office.

“The pressure of being the President of the United States is something that no one has ever prepared for,” he said. “The only one who seems to be fine with it is Trump, oddly enough. He doesn’t seem to be aging at all or in any sort of decline. You know, Obama almost immediately started looking older.”

Last month, Rogan said that Biden was going to get his clock cleaned by President Trump in the general election.

“This is one of the problems that the Democratic Party is having right now with this Joe Biden guy. You guys gotta be able to call it out, you can’t let this slide, because everybody else see’s it and Trump is going to eat him alive. He’s going to eat that guy alive,” he said. “The guy can barely remember what he’s talking about while he’s talking.”

At another point in March, after listening to Biden mangle a campaign speech, Rogan was even clearer in his assessment of the Democratic presidential frontrunner: “Stop. Pause. He can’t be president. Stop. Pause. Pause. Listen, we can’t play any games here, folks. This is a really old man who can’t talk. This is not a joke. Like that right now, ‘you know the thing,’ play that again. This should get you into a mental hospital. They should be like, ‘Hey, um, Joe are you alright?’”

The progressive Gravel Institute, a left-wing think tank that has been supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders, pointed to Rogan’s comments as a warning of what would happen if the DNC threw its weight behind Biden as the nominee.

“Bernie didn’t run a bad campaign, he got f**ked over by sudden establishment consolidation and concentrated media attacks. The next step is figuring out how to overcome that next time,” tweeted the organization. “The fact that Joe Rogan would rather vote for Donald Trump than Joe Biden is not an indictment of Bernie Sanders. It’s an indictment of Joe Biden.”

At this point, it does seem that the Democrats are stuck with him, though.

Hopefully, that doesn’t mean the rest of us will be as well.

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