Joe Rogan’s Interview with Cardiologist Peter McCollough Censored By YouTube


In a move that will come as a shock to absolutely no one, YouTube is censoring clips of Joe Rogan’s interview with cardiologist Peter McCullough wherein the doctor laid out how early treatment of COVID is being actively suppressed by governments and big-pharma in favour of a blind pursuit to vaccinate everyone.

Texas-based McCullough urged that treatments including ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies are being sidelined in order to “create acceptance for, and then promote, mass vaccination.” 

During the three hour long exchange, McCullough also spoke at length about vaccine side effects, including myocarditis in young people.

McCullough tweeted out a link to a YouTube video of the interview, which has since been pulled down.

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Trying to access the video results in the message “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” A “learn more” link re-routes to YouTube’s Community Guidelines overview, and the company’s COVID-19 medical misinformation policy.

Rogan himself retweeted McCullough’s post, and later retweeted this post on censorship from Tim Dillon:

In addition, Twitter appears to be suspending people for retweeting clips of Rogan’s McCullough interview:

The entire Rogan interview with Dr. McCullough is of course still available on Spotify, which has a deal to distribute Rogan’s podcasts, although how long that will last with Rogan increasingly defying the establishment by allowing open discussion is anyone’s guess.

Dr. McCullough’s previously spoke at length with Alex Jones:

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  1. Robert Schell says

    Dr. McCollough is a blessing to our Nation and World for providing expert Medical Care and common sense information. Especially during this evil attempt to depopulate and ruin Our Beautiful Country. May God Bless he and his Colleagues who are doing the right thing to for Humanity. AMEN

  2. Richard Fitch says

    Could it be that You Tube does not want fake medicine broadcast on their dime? Ivermectin? Really? Horse dewormer? Not shown anywhere to be a successful treatment for Covid. Is this guy a horse cardiologist or a human doctor? Look at the fatalities on ivermectin. That’s why you tube shut it down. Even as a horse cardiologist he would be wrong to suggest invermectin. Stick with the Alex Jones types. And buff up your tin hats.

    1. Anonymous says

      And are you a doctor?

  3. Clara says

    I had 2 vacs for covid, than just a few weeks ago I got the booster in left arm and flu shot in right arm and only reaction to any of them was a lump where I got the flu shot, I’m a senior so got the senior dose

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