John Kerry: Refugees No More Dangerous Than Anyone Else

Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking at an interfaith luncheon marking the conclusion of Ramadan, said Monday that refugees admitted to the U.S. were no more dangerous than any other group.

[People Kerry has Never Heard of, Part I: Wa’ad Ramadan Alwan – Iraqi refugee arrested in Kentucky for sending explosives to Iraq for use in terrorist plots.]

“There is absolutely no evidence, my friends – zero evidence – that refugees who make it through this arduous process pose any greater threat to our society than the members of any other group,” Kerry said. “And it is important for people to know that.”

[People Kerry has Never Heard of, Part 2: Abdurahman Yasin Daud – Somali refugee arrested in San Diego last year for plotting to join ISIS in Syria.]

Speaking on what also happened to be World Refugee Day, Kerry went on to criticize Donald Trump’s proposal to put a temporary ban on certain forms of immigration.

“Preventing any group from entering the United States solely because of their race or because of their nationality or because of a religious affiliation is directly contrary to the very ideals on which our country is based,” he said. “We believe in individual rights, not collective guilt. And we believe in judging people based on what they do, not the circumstances of their birth or their choice of sacred texts.”

[People Kerry has Never Heard of, Part 3: Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev – Chechen refugees who used pressure cooker bombs to murder three people and injure 264 others at the 2013 Boston Marathon.]

“We need to remember,” Kerry concluded, “that bigoted and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims plays right into the hands of the terrorist recruiters who propagate the lie that America is at war with Islam, when in fact there is no country on earth where Muslims enjoy more freedom than in the United States of America.”

[People Kerry has Never Heard of, Part 4: Donald Trump – Not to be confused with the character “Donald Trump,” an invention of liberals who has smeared all Muslims with bigoted and hateful rhetoric. The real Donald Trump has, instead, pointed out the truth everyone already knows: That these terrorist attacks, sadly but surely, cannot be entirely separated from their religious motivations.]

Oh, and one more side note: To hear a liberal like Kerry talking about the evils of “collective guilt” and the ideals of “individual rights” is almost too much to take. But hey, when you start lying, it’s hard to know when to stop.

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