Jussie Smollett Releases Song “Thank You God” Convincing People He ‘Didn’t Do It’

Jussie Smollett committed a hate crime hoax in 2019. He paid two brothers to attack him and call him slurs because he knew corporate media and Hollywood would uncritically swear by anything he said. So, for a few months, we were told two white dudes in Trump hats screamed, “This is MAGA country” on the SOUTH SIDE OF CHICAGO and attacked him. Turns out the unbelievable-sounding story was unbelievable. Smollett was convicted by a jury of his peers for committing a hate crime hoax. He was sent to jail for committing a hate crime hoax. He was also released from jail pending an appeal for his hate crime hoax conviction.

While out, he wrote a song because he thinks people at this point are still dumb enough to believe he didn’t do it. It’s called “Thank You God.”

Some people searching for fame,
Some people chasing that clout,
Just remember this,
This ain’t that situation,
You think I’m stupid enough to kill my reputation?

It would appear, yes. Yes, I do.

Smollett also accused “them” of “taking out the elements of race and trans and homophobia that’s straight taking lives” but are acting like he’s “the one that killed the strides.”

Smollett’s “Thank You God” is an early favorite for a 2023 Grammy for Song of the Year. Not for music reasons. For woke, leftist, political reasons. Whether or not he is thrown back in jail for committing a hate crime hoax is still to be determined. The more important question is why none of you have found the video of Smollett rehearsing the hate crime hoax that was mentioned during the trial? That’s a content fail.

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