Kamala and Joe Lunch Together for 1st Time Since March


President Biden sat down with his not-so-close contact Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday for what was apparently only their third private lunch this year and their first since March, Politico and NBC’s Mike Memoli report.

Biden said shortly after his inauguration that he hoped to cultivate a similar relationship with Harris as the one he forged with former President Barack Obama thanks in part to regular meetings at the lunch table. And in 2021, that mission appeared to be going well — Biden and Harris lunched together 21 times, far more than the now-three times this year, per the president’s public schedule.

Previously, Deputy White House Press Secretary Chris Meagher unsurprisingly dismissed any talks of distance between Harris and Biden as a result or symptom of their lagging midday dates — “The president and vice president are in constant touch with each other,” he said. And it’s not as though Biden hasn’t been busy with inflationthe war in Ukraine, and national tragedy after national tragedy.

But surely, such a steep drop off in working lunches would have any veep wondering, “Did the president call?

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Original Article: Biden and Harris reportedly lunch together for the 1st time since March (theweek.com)

  1. George says

    Maybe FJB needed a new diaper changer?

  2. Tellingit says

    Well, in Beijing Joe’s defense, would _you_ want to put up with QueMala’s in-coherency more often than absolutely necessary?

    Let’s go, Brandon! Remember in November.

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