Kamala Blasted for ‘Tone Deaf’ Staged Photo

The overturning of Roe v Wade is actually the best thing that’s happened to Dems since the COVID “pandemic.”

Let’s face it, after they cheated President Trump out of the White House, they had nothing left to rile their base up with.

Now, they can finally fundraise again, send out hokey tweets, and get their base of zombies frothing mad, thanks to Roe being canceled.

They are loving this and they want more, more, more.

So, any chance they get to keep pouring fuel on the fire, they’ll do it.

And Kamala Harris just stepped up to the plate with this ridiculous-looking “concerned” photo op that was taken aboard Air Force Two.

We’re to believe this was some random/candid shot of Kamala looking at the TV as if she’s about ready to cry.

Give us a break… nobody is buying this nonsense.

Here’s what Kamala said in her tweet: “I know there are women out there who are afraid. To those of you who feel alone and scared: I want you to know the President and I are fighting for you and your rights. We are in this fight together.”

Oh, please…

One thing we can all agree on, the left and the right, was that this photo was a bad idea.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“why does her face look like that? is this supposed to tell us how much she cares? dumb” 

“Watching TV from a private plane. She’s on it folks, and fighting climate change to boot”

“I know damn well your hoidy toidy out of touch ass is not gonna do shit. you are literally on a private jet you’re not fighting for us”

“you aren’t fighting for shit! You both hate America and are just sitting back and watching it be destroyed!”

“this photo looks so fu**ing PR and fake” 

“You’re on a private plane and can afford to fly anywhere around the world to get any procedure you or your family will ever need. You could have done something to prevent this. We are not in this fight together.”

“Make sure you get my concerned side”

“What fight? States now have the right to allow abortions or not. Only thing you lost was the ability to fund abortions on the federal level.”

“I’m on my private plane watching your pain on a screen, so no one is more *in the fight* than me”

And you can guaran-damn-tee she’ll be *just* as effective in this “fight” as she has been in dealing w the border crisis she was put in charge of lol” 

“You’re a clown”

“If more of our leaders watched TV from private planes, many of our problems would be solved.” 

“this woman is watching TV like shes on Monday Night RAW”

“Cool. So what‘s the game plan? Be specific. Or is this a veiled “thoughts and prayers” scenario?”

“Can’t figure out if this is worst than aoc’s staged photoshoot at the detention center”

“You had plenty of time to make abortion rights a permanent thing. You failed. Abortion rights are not in the constitution. YOU should have put them there.”

“proud to state that I am also in this fight (watching television)”

“I voted for these idiots and I feel really stupid right now” 

These types of corny political tricks don’t work anymore.

This isn’t the 90s. It’s 2022, and people can see through this old-timey “political BS.”

Original Article: Kamala Gets Roasted For Posting This Very Staged “Concerned-Looking” Photo Aboard Air Force Two (waynedupree.com)

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