Kamala Compares Republicans To 1960s Alabama State Troopers


Vice President Kamala Harris used her visit to Selma, Alabama, as an opportunity to compare state Republicans who passed new election laws to 1960s state troopers who attacked Black civil rights protesters as they crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

Ms. Harris made the trip Sunday to commemorate the 57th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” the day in 1965 when White state troopers assaulted Black voting-rights demonstrators trying to cross the historic bridge in Selma.

Ms. Harris described the marchers on that day as “preparing for the worst” and were kneeling in prayer as the state troopers charged at them.

“Those brave marches continued to push forward to secure the freedom to vote. And they were pushed back. Today we stand on this bridge at a different time. We again, however, find ourselves caught in between injustice and justice, between disappointment and determination, still in a fight, to form a more perfect union,” she said.  

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“Nowhere is that more clear,” she said, “than when it comes to the ongoing fight to secure the freedom to vote.”

“A record number of people cast their ballots in the 2020 elections. It was a triumph of democracy in many ways. But not everyone saw it that way. Some saw it as a threat. And so as powerful people have done many times in our nation’s history, they launched an assault on the freedom to vote,” Ms. Harris said.

Nineteen states have passed election reform laws since the 2020 presidential election that focuses on measures including absentee ballots, ballot drop boxes, early voting days and voter ID.

The vice president characterized them as “laws that, put simply, make it much more difficult for people to vote.”

Ms. Harris included Senate Republicans in her remarks as being as guilty as the GOP state lawmakers who passed the election laws, for filibustering the Democrats’ voting legislation.

“So last year, we all joined together. We locked arms and lifted our voices and fought to pass Federal Voting rights legislation. We brought the freedom to vote act, yes, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to the floor of the United States Senate,” she said. “And on the night of Jan. 19, every Republican senator in the United States Senate voted to block passage of this law.”

House Democrats named one of the pair of election overhaul bills after Lewis, a longtime Georgia lawmaker who was on the “Bloody Sunday” bridge and died in July 2020.

The legislation would reestablish pre-clearance requirements for certain states’ voting-regulation changes under the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which the U.S. Supreme Court eliminated in 2013 as ahistoric relics.

House and Senate Republicans have voted against the legislation, claiming the bill federalizes elections and politicizes enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. Senate GOP lawmakers successfully blocked both bills.

The bill would require jurisdictions to get “approval from unelected people in the Justice Department before changing its election process — that’s some scary stuff,” Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican, said last August.

President Biden on Sunday reiterated his call for the passage of voting legislation.

“The battle for the soul of America has many fronts. The right to vote is the most fundamental,” Mr. Biden said in a White House statement.

Original Article: Harris compares Republicans to 1960s Alabama state troopers on ‘Bloody Sunday’

  1. Edwin says

    Alabama police were white Democrats….

  2. George says

    Camel Toe is compared to 1860’s cotton field intellect.

  3. jimmy midnight says

    Pre-clearance should be re-instated. It needs to go nationwide.

  4. Maria says

    So, Democrats continue to push their agenda to overstep voting laws and push their agenda for voter fraud. Let’s hope people are smart enough to see what they are really after with their new bill

  5. Barbara Clark says

    Is this how we “unite” our country !

  6. Stevo says

    We compare her to soros-socialist NAZIs/ enemies of America.

  7. johnnyB says

    This is what you get for installing a politically, financially, relationally and intellectually non-starter as the number two position in government – lies, historical fiction, bias and an inability to discern truth.

  8. Anonymous says


  9. Festus says

    Record number voted in 2020? Only if you count dead voters, illegal voters, people voting multiple times and dead out of state illegal voters. Trump won, there is no way possible biden got 20 million more votes than Barack Hussein Obama. Why do voting machines have phone modems? To cheat!!!!

    1. Marjorie Bassin says

      People like you refuse to do your research and get the information available re: election results! Mr Trump lost the election and is acting like a spoiled child and continues to raise money from followers, based on a lie he makes up with every speech.
      American people deserve better!

  10. Festus says

    Record number voted in 2020? Only if you count dead voters, illegals voters, people voting multiple times and dead out of state illegal voters. Trump won, there is no way possible biden got 20 million more votes than Barack Hussein Obama. Why do voting machines have phone modems? To cheat!!!!

  11. Laddyboy says

    Kamala Harass makes a daily sound like: “HEEE, HAWWW — HEEE, HAWWW!

  12. Human says

    When Democrats claim democracy is under attack we should listen. Much like the claims of collusion or the so called fight against disinformation and even the outlandish assault on the so called anti vaxxers what the insidious left accuses anyone of you can be assured that’s precisely what they’re up to. Who did we find colluding and using financial aid from America to gain leverage after all the ridiculous accusations against Trump? That’s right Joe Biden and his family. Who did we find was actually utilizing disinformation to push a vaccine that didn’t actually qualify as a vaccine? That’s right the Biden administration and his cronies. What about the claims of police violence and racism as well as defund the police? Again the claims were made against conservatives but the reality is glaringly obvious. How has that debacle helped communities of color? The answer is it hasn’t and won’t because everything that comes out of the left is straight up bullshit. If you aren’t yet seeing a pattern here you clearly aren’t paying attention. Just wait and see what comes from the left in the next few months in regards to Ukraine. While real people are dying and suffering just pay attention to what claims will be made against anyone who dares to disagree with them. I really hate to admit it but I’m seeing much of the same from Republican leadership in regards to Russia and Ukraine. I also hate to admit such a windbag as Trump was 100 percent accurate in his deep state claims. So far he’s been spot on. This means we have to rid ourselves of lifelong politicians and their corrupt behavior. War is a constant on this planet and there’s no outrage unless someone is personally vested. Only one major leader in our country that fits that description and yes again it’s Joe Biden.

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