Kamala Harris Seeking Advice From Hillary Clinton!


There are reports that Vice President Kamala Harris has been seeking advice from Hillary Clinton and has even met with the former Senator and First Lady at the White House!

Why Harris would seek advice from a two-time loser like Clinton is anybody’s guess; still, the Dems in general and Harris specifically are not really known for their smarts or political savvy.

In any event, according to the New York Times, Clinton visited Harris at the White House as recently as November. Reports claim Harris sought advice from Clinton on how to find a path to increase her influence within the Biden Administration.

Harris is reportedly unhappy that Biden relied on her on the campaign trail, but he does not need her to actually govern. Meantime some commentators say Clinton may have her own motives for such meetings. Reports also say Harris is concerned with her low approval ratings, at about 28% compared to Biden’s 38%, and she sought Clinton’s advice on improving her public image.

Harris has privately complained to allies she is being treated differently by the media than her 48 predecessors while describing them as all white and male. According to the report, former Secretary of State Clinton echoed that sentiment.

“There is a double standard; it’s sadly alive and well,” Clinton told the newspaper. “A lot of what is being used to judge her, just like it was to judge me, or the women who ran in 2020, or everybody else, is really colored by that.”

In her post-election book What Happened, Clinton identified her media coverage among a host of other causes for her defeat. 

Faced with her own attacks by Republicans amid critical media coverage, Harris “has turned to powerful confidantes, including Clinton, to help plot a path forward,” the Times reported. 

In addition to her visits to the Veep at the White House, the Times report said that Clinton speaks to Harris every few months on the phone.

The Times stated that Harris and President Biden have an affable relationship “by all accounts,” a contrast to a CNN report from last month that described the two as being in an “exhausted stalemate.” However, the report says the vice president’s allies are worried she’s sometimes seen as “an afterthought.”

“The vice president has diligently worked alongside the president coordinating with partners, allies, and Democratic members of the House and Senate to advance the goals of this administration,” said Sabrina Singh, the vice president’s deputy press secretary. 

Harris has declined multiple requests from the Times to comment on their lengthy and detailed piece.

  1. Michael McIntee says

    This is really hilarious!! She is following the killer big time and I’m curious what title Harris’s book will be when it is her turn to write about what went wrong. hahahahaha!!!!! There you go folks, you elected this clown, you let the Government take control when neither of them are qualified for taking out the garbage. Dog Catcher??? No, that requires common sense which neither of them have, so that’s out!!! Quite entertaining if you ask me!!

  2. jeff says

    Who’d u send the “vote” of Presidents to?
    Mostly those leaning to DT!

  3. Human says

    She is an after thought in every imaginable way. This is what you get when you base choices on nothing more than skin tone and gender. Her run for the democratic nod for president produced dismal numbers and as per usual the democratic party denies the obvious truths and pushes forward on their unpopular agenda. Nothing of substance comes from the left. Their entire ideology is empty nonsense based on divisive identity politics. Their response to everything is racism misogyny with no answers to real world problems. Meanwhile their ridiculous empty policies result in precisely what they claim conservatives are about. They care nothing about those they claim to represent. As long as they can pat themselves on the back for their wokeness the real world consequences matter not at all. Dump money into the system and watch inflation destroy those who can least afford it. Push transgender equality and destroy women’s sports. Push for open borders and watch immigrants be victimized by human traffickers. Pander to foriegn despots and watch them attack our allies. Destroy our production of energy and beg our enemies to help us. If you are woke perhaps you should wake up to the realities that these policies are only hurting people and help only wealthy politicians who sit back and congratulate themselves on their open minds. Ridiculous beyond measure and Harris is just another example of ineffectual government based on no actual marketable qualities other than she checks boxes. Have you seen enough yet?
    God Bless America

  4. Charles says

    These two women hate each other. The public has seen through both these opportunists and do not trust them.

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