Kamala Proves to be Less Mentally Fit Than Biden

Incomprehensible and embarrassing “word salad” continues to be a regular occurrence during public appearances by Kamala Harris – and it’s got some people concerned.

Fox News commentator Lara Trump (wife of Eric) slammed the vice president for her latest gaffe during a Workforce Summit speech, arguing that the VPs recurring string of gaffes is no longer funny. On “Fox & Friends,” Trump noted Harris’s role as second in command, arguing she should be capable of “picking up [the] slack” from President Biden. 

But instead of showing that she is a capable leader, she is proving to be yet another “Gaffer in Chief.”

On the show, Lara Trump said, “Things come out in this way, and it’s as though the vice president subconsciously knows that the arguments she’s trying to make are not really valid, or they don’t really have any good standing, so this is the way it comes out. As much as we like to laugh at this and poke fun at it, this is the number two in charge of America.”

Trump then went on to compare this kind of “word salad” to the way kids stutter and stammer when they are trying to ask for something or explain something that they know is wrong to their parents. “I feel like parents all across America are very familiar with this sort of thing because I hear this from my kids whenever they have an argument they’re trying to make, or they’re trying to tell me they need something, but they don’t really have any backing to their argument or any foundation,” said the former president’s daughter-in-law. 

Finally, concluding, “If Joe Biden is no longer president, this is who takes over, and when you have a president who has cognitive lapses at the rate that Joe Biden does and does not exude strength, you need to have a vice president who can pick up that slack and, unfortunately, we don’t have that because we have Kamala Harris, and she comes out like this and says this crazy stuff. Unfortunately, not only are we watching it and laughing at it, but leaders all across the world are also seeing this, whether friend or foe, and it’s just a bad look for America all around.”

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