Kamala Ruthlessly Ridiculed For Her Ukraine Explanation

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued into its sixth day on March 1, 2022, Vice President Kamala Harris decided to do an explainer. Harris appeared on ‘The Morning Hustle’,  a radio show to break down the conflict “in layman’s terms”. It appears her explanation though was far more simplistic than many expected, leading to widespread trolling of the VP, led by Republicans.

The VP, who spent most of 2021 reportedly being shunned by President Joe Biden has remained largely quiet on Russia’s invasion to date. On February 22, she was mocked for being unprepared to discuss the Ukraine crisis at the Munich Security Conference. The embattled VP is also attempting to rebuild her office, after a mass exodus in 2021, caused by her treating staff “like s–t.”

With the 2022 midterms now close at hand, there’s never been a greater need for Harris to seem like a competent leader in charge, something she once again may have dropped the ball on. Her “layman’s terms” explanation of the Ukraine crisis was widely mocked as being one for children, with a handful of users also defending her.

‘Ukraine is a country’

When the VP appeared on the show, she was asked to “break it down in layman’s terms for people who don’t understand what’s going on and how can this directly affect the people of the United States.” In response, Harris said, “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia.” She went on, “‘Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine so basically, that’s wrong.”

“It goes against everything that we stand for there are terms that we use we say we respect the sovereignty the territorial integrity of countries, right? their independence. Russia has gone into Ukraine militarily unprovoked, with no justification other than to exercise its power to take over another country,” Harris concluded. The VP also used the appearance of back up Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s nominee for the Supreme Court, but that was quickly lost behind her “dumbed down” explanation of Ukraine.

You can hear her words in this tweet uploaded by Donald Trump’s former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. The audio clip was also cut and reposted by RNC Research, which quickly went viral as well.

‘This clip is embarrassing’

“Ppl are calling her ‘dumb’ over this but that’s unfair: the point is that’s what she thinks of the audience. She just has a real inability to talk normally to ppl. Layman’s terms doesn’t mean ‘assume the audience has never heard of Russia’,” slammed Washington Examiner executive editor Seth Mandel. One user replied, “Explaining in layman’s terms is not the same as explaining something to a grade schooler. This clip is embarrassing.” A third replied, “is she on Sesame Street?”

“Listen to this kindergartener give the cutest explanation of the war in Ukraine,” one user tweeted. Another said, “If you’re confused about what’s going on in Ukraine and have an IQ of 14, Kamala Harris is here for you.” Senator Ted Cruz weighed in with a GIF from the ‘Hangover’ movies. One user trolled, “Basically she channeled MrMackey from South Park.”

A large number of users hit back at the critics by comparing Harris’ comments to those made by Trump during his Presidency. Others pointed out she was only doing as just asked, but the defense was lost in a wave of memes and GIFs trolling Harris.

Original Article: Kamala Harris trolled for explaining Ukraine invasion: ‘Is she on Sesame Street?’

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