Kamala Shows Her Teeth in Latest Speech

Vice President Kamala Harris took aim at ‘so-called leaders’ in Florida and neighboring Republican-led states over their stances on gun control, election security laws and abortion rights in a fiery speech on Thursday.

Without naming the Sunshine State’s Republican governor, Harris implicitly criticized DeSantis in a speech on his own home turf in Orlando.

The vice president had been addressing the national convention of Alpha Kappa Alpha, the first intercollegiate historically African American sorority – which Harris had been a part of as a student at Howard University.

There, she told her sorority sisters that the black community needed to ‘lead’ on the issue of gun violence, citing data that show the disproportionate effect it has on African Americans. Though Harris added that solving such issues had ‘never been easy’ and blamed ‘extremist’ opposition opposed to reform.   

‘There are, as there have always been, forces that stand in our way. Forces that oppose…even the most common sense gun safety proposals,’ Harris said.

‘Forces that include extremist, so-called leaders, who instead of expanding rights work to restrict rights.’

She continued, ‘These so-called leaders who, after we fought and marched, members of our sorority being the greatest leaders, fought for the right to vote, these so called leaders right in this state and other places make it more difficult for people to vote.’

Harris also took a jab at nearby Georgia, where Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed a law earlier this year preventing people from distributing food and water to voters waiting in line on Election Day.

‘So-called leaders in neighboring states, making it even illegal to give folks food and water as they’re standing in line to vote.’ 

Earlier this year a federal appellate court upheld Florida’s new voting law as constitutional. It reversed a lower court ruling that struck down the measure and blasted the state’s ‘grotesque history of racial discrimination.’  

DeSantis came under fire by voting rights groups and Democrats last year when he signed the new election security bill into law, which critics said would limit ballot box access for minorities and senior citizens. 

Under the new provisions, ballot drop box hours are reduced and mobile drop boxes are prohibited altogether. Election officials are now required to staff all drop boxes as well, and the people who can drop off a voter’s ballot are now limited to either family members or someone dropping off no more than two ballots. 

Election drop boxes were of critical importance during the COVID-19 pandemic, when a historic number of Americans voted in droves via early voting and mail-in ballots for the 2020 presidential race. A vast majority of the early and mail-in votes went to President Joe Biden.

During her Thursday remarks Harris also renewed calls for women to keep fighting for abortion access after the Supreme Court threw away five decades of precedent in overturning Roe v. Wade last month.

‘We know what we need to do,’ Harris said.

‘We need to continue to fight for a woman’s right to make the most intimate, personal decisions for herself with her doctor, with her pastor, with her priests with her loved ones but not her government telling her what she is supposed to do.’

DeSantis signed a bill limiting abortion to up to 15 weeks in April, amid a flurry of GOP-led legislatures acting to ban or curb access to the procedure. 

The law was set to take effect this month before a Florida judge pumped the breaks on that just two weeks ago on June 30. 

DeSantis promised to appeal the ruling during a press conference in central Florida later that day.

‘These are unborn babies that have heartbeats, they can feel pain, they can suck their thumb,’ the governor said.

‘And to say the state constitution mandates things like dismemberment abortions, I just don’t think that’s the proper interpretation.’

The governor rose to national prominence as an ally of Donald Trump’s and later a vocal critic of the Biden administration on COVID-19 and other policies. 

He’s also been touted as a potential 2024 presidential contender, which could put him head-to-head against the former president in a heated primary race.

So far neither has formally indicated they are running for the White House in 2024.

Original Article: Kamala Harris tears into ‘so-called leaders’ in jab at Ron DeSantis during Florida speech | Daily Mail Online

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