Kamala’s Shameful Response to Struggling Americans


Kamala was asked about the surging gas and energy prices and inflation that is raging today in Biden’s America.

Her response made as much sense as Democrat policies.

These people have about as much empathy as a turnip.

Americans are suffering due entirely to their failed policies and lunatic strategy.

And this is the response they get from Kamala!

Original Article: More Deep Thoughts from Kamala Harris: “The American People Have a Lot of Burdens on Their Lives Right Now Including the Cost of Life” (thegatewaypundit.com)


    Most of this is rightwing bullshit.

    1. JPC says

      Raggedy Ann and Andy… So, you can watch these knuckleheads mouths moving and hear the detritus spewing from their vocal cords and you still think it’s “rightwing” BS?!?!?!… WOW!! Thank you for proving us “right-wingers” “right” by revealing that you do have your head buried in the sand or your A**… I think the lack of oxygen has really gotten to a lot of you “lefties”… 🐘22🐘24

  2. Gerry says

    What other response would you expect from a brain-dead, former escort, democrat moron ??? If anyone is waiting for an intelligent response from any of the village idiot’s hand picked dirtbags — FORGET ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!! My guess is the whole of the democrat party and half of the gop couldn’t care less if we are struggling or not as long as they take care of their beloved new voting bloc — the illegals and as long as they are once again getting their kickbacks, paybacks and pay to play money from being energy dependent instead of independent like PRESIDENT TRUMP had us. It really sucks to have the most corrupt government in the world.

  3. barbara adams says

    our vice pres is a whore & incomatent

  4. agile1 says

    Uh, I would say offhand that would be the camel’s Marie-Antoinette moment, “Let them eat cake!”

  5. Shelly says

    Of course, they don’t care about American citizens because this hardship was created by them. All seniors living on a budget have to worry about how to survive each month. Families are struggling as well. Shame on you.

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