Kamala’s Terrible Response to a Simple Question


In terms of being good at messaging the Inflation Reduction Act, the Biden-Harris administration has not been doing well. First, the name is just…not true. Townhall reported multiple evaluations of the legislation that found it would have marginal to zero impact on inflation, and may even increase inflationary pressure that’s already running for 40-year highs. 

Even before it was signed into law, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spilled the beans and heralded the legislation that pretended to address inflation as “the most significant action ever to fight the climate crisis.” That’s because, again, the bill had nothing to do with inflation and everything to do with enacting Democrats’ radical energy-killing so-called “green” agenda. 

So of course, when Vice President Kamala Harris was asked at an event this week to explain her favorite parts of the Inflation Reduction Act, she faltered. 

“S- I mean, so much, so m- I- one of the things that I’m very excited about is what we have been doing in terms of electric vehicles,” Harris decided was her favorite part of the *Inflation* Reduction Act. “And I have a particular fondness, I must tell you, for electric school buses,” she gushed. “I love electric school buses,” she added to a smattering of applause from the audience. 

“I really do. And we’re manufacturing them in our country,” Harris continued. “I’ve been to the manufacturing plants, I’ve been on these electric school buses — and think about it — aside from the pandemic, on a daily basis, 25 million children in our country everyday go to school on those diesel fueled school buses,” the VP added. “And hundreds, thousands of school bus drivers are driving those buses which are then — these people, these children, these adults — are inhaling what is toxic air,” Harris claimed. Does she think vehicle exhaust is piped into the buses?

Harris’ admission that electric buses are her favorite part of the Inflation Reduction Act is yet another confirmation that the legislation isn’t really helping Americans, it was just a vehicle to force more of the left’s agenda through leaving just electric buses to be pointed to as an “exciting” provision. 

It’s also not her first time championing electric school buses. Back in May, she said they were great because they allow drivers to… “hear the road.”

Not for nothing, even bus manufacturers note the significant issues with electric vehicles that are prohibitive to adoption by school districts such as the higher purchase price compared diesel buses, the need to also invest in expensive charging infrastructure, the need to retrain maintenance technicians and drivers, and the issue of “range anxiety” caused by electric buses. 

As a reminder, Americans have not seen inflation reduced at all under Biden — and electric school buses won’t help now. It continues to spike skyward, even accelerating in recent months. The Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes haven’t tamed inflation. The Inflation Reduction Act didn’t reduce it. And month after month of reports on producer, consumer, and PCE inflation show price increases continuing. The PPI and CPI for September — the last to be released before the midterms — showed inflation reaching new 40-year highs, growing at a faster rate than in August, and showing no relief in sight for weary Americans trying to make ends meet under Biden’s “Build Back Better” policies that have failed to build back, let alone better. 

Original Article: VP Harris Asked What Her Favorite Part of the Inflation Reduction Act Is. Her Answer Is Typical Kamala. (townhall.com)

  1. Joey says

    Vote stupid in, don’t expect intelligence out.

    1. Dean E Smith says


    2. Phlav says

      Yeh good thing we didn’t vote even more stupid back in (*trump)

      1. BliTzer says

        The left has destroyed our economy. Its on Biden’s watch & its all on him & dumbo. In 12 days these liberal democratic idiots will be getting the boot & 2024 WH comes next, if not impeached first, as Republicans & independents will have senate & house. All polls & even CNN agrees, they blew it at the Taxpayers expense.

      2. Shane says

        Are you really that blind and stubborn to hold onto what you think was a good choice in 2020?! I voted for Reagan in 84. Best President in decades. Since then, it’s been a shot show. Even the republicans in power. Trump came in and absolutely kicked ass. Not a blow hard politician, he did what he promised. Made us oil independent, created jobs immediately, put the fear off God in our enemy’s, made a great start on getting the border under control, all while dealing with lies and accusations about him. And he took no salary. Which no other President can say. I believe it’s 400k per year. Who do you know that would turn down 1.6 million to put up with all the crap Hillary and the evil left dealt him? Mans not perfect by any means, but compared to the 50 year swamp rat that is Joe Biden, he’s a saint.

        1. Phlav says

          Blah blah blah. You people can continue to twist information as much as you want to continue to prove your unethical, bias and racist support for a person or party. What you refuse to admit is that a president inherits the outcome of the previous president’s doing so give some of that praise to your previous black president if you may. And don’t be so easily impressed with Trump not taking a salary because as a supposed “billionaire” that salary is chump change to him and he knows it will impress stupid people “as he once called his supporters” should he not accept it (oh please). My issue with Trump is he is a racist, power tripping bigot plain and simple. He has no clue on running a country or being a president on any level and the only thing he is concern with is feeling powerful by being president and the perks that goes with it. You honestly believe had a hand in or intentionally put efforts in creating jobs for you poor common folks he can relate to or whatever fictitious brownie points you want to give this illiterate maggot of a human being. Let me add that Biden is certainly no saint or God-sent but could certainly connect/relate to the majority of people in this country. Biden has his skeletons for sure and currently I do not believe he is capable of running this country because of his mental state due to age. But you watch Trump praise and kiss Putin’s ass in front the entire world, degrade women and handicapped people, paid off hookers to keep them quiet, refuse to denounce the white supremacist proud boys, incite the worst crime against the country (treason) on January 6th causing “blue lives matter” to get their ass beaten to an inch of their life and these low lifes defecating in the symbolic building of your country’s democracy, and on and on. But you have no problem supporting this man because he is the only politician to openly show you he is racist and support racist notions. The problem with this country is because some people support a party it means they have to support everything the party do bad or good. Speak out against the evils and you gain the utmost respect. Kamala has no clue on being a vice president and it’s clear she is way in over her head and does not want to deal with the responsibilities. This is not good at all and she needs to go. Biden is trying to right his wrongs he did to blacks back in the 90s with that prison bill and is no shape mentally to deal with the real pressure of running a country. Reagan was no saint, certainly didn’t care about minorities and had a recession named after him during his tenor so lets not easily give him that title. You know why some black people trashes Obama? Because they feel he didn’t do anything for directly for black people. No, a president is suppose to act on behalf of all people, which is what Obama did. That is what makes a good president. He didn’t fight for Obama care for black people but for all people in need of healthcare in a country where that should be free. Healthcare should never be a business. You know which politician (alive) I have the utmost respect for? Mitt Romney. You know who might have been a great if not the greatest president? John Sidney McCain. I will leave it at that.

          1. agile1 says

            If you can’t fool them with intelligence – baffle them with BS – blah, blah, blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Shane says

            Sounds like you have it all figured out. Sorry i questioned you. When are you planning on running the country?
            And the racist card is getting really old. In fact, the Democrats wrote the book on Racist behavior in this country a long time ago and continue to project on any conservative who try`s to disagree with their policy`s.

          3. Phlav says

            Shane I totally agree with you that the Democrats wrote the book on Racist behavior and gain their supporters by making them believe they are not racist and they are for the people. Just the same as the Republicans gain their supporters by meticulously appealing to the racist gene pool. And of course the racist card is getting really old to you, it’s been considered old since Emancipation. However, this does not refute my response above. Politics is all the same on both sides in this country and it comes down to selecting the lesser of the two evils on every election. Republicans and Democrats know they both cannot sustain power for too long due to their tax policies. So they accept their time in and out despite their public antics; aka checks and balances. Oh and as of this writing I have no plans on running the country ;o).

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