Kansas is…Not in Kansas Anymore


In an age where we generally expect to see the looniest of the loony toons hanging out on the campus of UC Berkeley, it’s disheartening to see that even the heartland is succumbing to the lures of liberalism. We’ve all seen the outrageous racial spectacle that cost the president of the University of Missouri his job, but it appears that the University of Kansas is just as lost.

It is there that student leaders voted last week to use only “gender neutral” pronouns when crafting new legislation. Under the new KU Student Senate regulations, senators must use pronouns such as “they,” “them,” and “their” instead of the inflammatory “he,” “she,” “her,” and so forth.

“This is a key step in making our campus more inclusive,” said the bill’s author, Harrison Baker. “Hopefully this will be a catalyst to create discussions on campus and cause change to happen elsewhere.”

Yeah, but Mr. Baker, one question please.


Why are our campuses suddenly deemed not inclusive enough? What change needs to happen elsewhere? Why were binary gender terms okay for thousands of years but now aren’t?

Conservative writers are prone to hyperbole, but we could literally be watching the demise of human civilization. This is not, as some liberals would have you believe, part of the natural push-pull dynamic that guides society. Things are changing, and they are changing extremely fast. Could you have ever dreamed, even a few short years ago, that college liberals would ban the word “he” for fear of offending transgenders? Are you kidding?

This generation of progressives is so thirty for conflict and revolution that they can’t even wait for a worthy cause to come along. These kids have let their minds be eaten away by television, video games, and internet sites. Do they even know the difference between reality and fiction anymore?

Maybe it is just hyperbole after all. Maybe we’re getting ready to hit the wall with some of this crap, leading us naturally into a new conservative age where idiotic liberals will be forced back to the margins of society. There, on protected communes, they can use any kind of gender pronouns they want while the rest of us get on with the business of living our lives.

If there’s a yellow brick road that leads to such a future, we’d better find it soon.

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