Kavanaugh Confirmed: Defeated Democrats Lash Out at Michael Avenatti


According to a CNN piece this weekend, Democrats are fuming over the Senate confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and are casting around for someone to blame. Their ire has landed specifically on lawyer Michael Avenatti, whose client turned the Kavanaugh smear campaign into an absolute farce with accusations of gang rape and punch-drugging.

Democrats and the media initially jumped all over Julie Swetnick’s outlandish claims before realizing, much too late, that her story was not all it was cracked up to be. Swetnick herself collapsed under the pressure of the spotlight, admitting to an MSNBC reporter that while she could not actually confirm that Kavanaugh ever raped anyone (gang-style or no), he was seen standing outside of rooms and in close proximity to punch bowls. Not exactly the kind of accusations that Supreme Court derailments are made of.

According to many aggrieved Democrats, Avenatti and his client gave Republicans the opening they needed to shift the narrative. For whatever credibility people wanted to assign Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez, there was no denying that Swetnick was a creature from Planet Nutball. And once you’ve introduced that sort of silliness into what it supposed to be a serious debate about a nominee’s fitness for the high court, there’s no going back. This is why, some Democrats insist, Avenatti’s stunt ended up with Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

“Well you know at some point there were a lot of folks coming forward making all sorts of accusations,” said Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) told CNN. “It turns it into a circus atmosphere and certainly that’s not where we should be.”

Another senior Senate Democrat aide told the network: “Democrats and the country would have been better off if Mr. Avenatti spent his time on his Iowa vanity project rather than meddling in Supreme Court fights. His involvement set us back, absolutely.”

For his part, the Creepy Porn Lawyer said the problem wasn’t him or his client, but the Democrats on Capitol Hill who don’t know how to properly fight Republicans.

“It is outrageous that these so-called Democrats would attack a sexual assault victim from coming forward,” he told CNN. “I guess their position is that she should have shut her mouth and remained silent? It is disgusting that these cowards blame my client and the other accusers for coming forward.”

Whether Avenatti and Swetnick deserve the credit for throwing this entire smear campaign off the rails or not, it’s clear that the Democratic Party is once again fractured and distraught in the face of failure, much as they were immediately after Donald Trump’s victory in 2016. Their tasteless efforts to keep Kavanaugh off the court have backfired; the midterm election, which once seemed to herald a blue wave, is now swinging sharply back towards Republican territory. The Democrats have successfully grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory by proving to the American people that they have absolutely no business running this country.


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