Kayleigh Schools the Press: Trump’s “Presidency Was Never Accepted”

With White House reporters clamoring to know when and if President Donald Trump will concede the election and begin the transition process with Team Biden, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany assured them that the administration was complying with every jot and tittle of the law…and she reminded them of 2016, when Democrats were every bit as reticent to accept the results of the election.

“There are questions that need to be answered,” McEnany said. “The [General Services Administration] will determine when ascertainment is reached. There is a presidential transition act that determines exactly what an administration needs to do in advance of an election. We’ve done everything we statutorily needed to do.”

McEnany said there is nothing wrong with Trump’s refusal to concede, telling reporters that he is “pursuing ongoing litigation and taking it day by day.”

“The president has been clear,” she said. “He wants every legal vote to be counted and no illegal votes counted.”

She then turned to the election four years ago, noting that Trump’s transition into the White House was colored with Russian hoax theories, Democratic resistance, and protests in the streets.

“His presidency was never accepted,” she said.

McEnany said that “baseless allegations” about the Trump campaign’s relationship with Moscow were used in an attempt to “subvert the will of the American people,” and “silence the voice” of voters who had thrown their support behind Trump in 2016. She also reminded reporters that Elizabeth Warren had said at the time that she would “obstruct and investigate” Trump’s transition into the White House.

“You had 70 lawmakers saying, we’re not coming to his inauguration — Democrats,” McEnany said. “In 2016, many sought to undermine him, discredit him, and deny his victory. There were no calls for unity. Let us not forget what President Trump has had to endure four years into his presidency.”

Democrats and the media thought, for some reason, that they would get away unscathed after trying to sink this president for four straight years. They thought there would be no consequences for impeaching a president on the flimsiest charges in American history. They figured that, if they were just lucky enough (or clever enough) to win the 2020 election, they could put Trump in the rearview mirror and whistle their way back into power. Well, they are up against reality now, and they are just beginning to realize how badly they broke things on their way to this goal.

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