Kevin McCarthy Is A Liar

Once again, the veracity of Republican Minority Leader Keven McCarthy has come into question.  Actually, not into question.  He has again been caught lying.  Not just fibs, but whoppers.

In an upcoming book by a pair of New York Times reporters, Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns, the authors claim that McCarthy was so upset with President Trump’s statements and actions in conjunction with the Capitol Hill riot that he thought Trump should resign ahead of the second impeachment.  He told members of his leadership team at the time that he would propose his resignation to the President.

Whether McCarthy really did that – or even intended to do that — is unknown.  But McCarthy, through his spokesperson, was quick to deny that he ever said such a thing and never intended to broach Trump on the subject of resignation.  McCarthy was very clear and emphatic on that point.

Weeell … it seems that the authors had set a trap for McCarthy.  They never revealed in the book, or in their frequent appearances in the media, that they had a tape of the conversation. No sooner had McCarthy claimed that he said no such thing, up pops the tape as the authors continue their book promotion tour of the media.

We are now told that McCarthy is furious.  I am not surprised.  

The unanswered question is who, among the GOP leadership, recorded the phone conversation?  Well the first suspect to come to mind would be Congresswoman Liz Cheney of Wyoming.  The phone conversation took place before she was booted out of leadership by McCarthy – and made the darling of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.  Cheney denies having taped the conversations.  But she could be lying.

If it was Cheney, it was McCarthy’s own fault for mishandling the entire situation when she voted for impeachment.  Up until that point, Cheney was one of the most consistently conservative votes in the House and had a record of support for Trump’s agenda.  I have previously written that throwing her out of leadership – and creating the Cheney we see today – was a huge mistake.

If McCarthy had just let the Wyoming voters decide Cheney’s fate, she would not now be sitting on Pelosi’s bogus Select Committee – giving it a false image of bipartisanship.  Had Cheney not been available for Pelosi to use, Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger would not likely have taken a spot on the kangaroo Committee.  Pelosi’s kangaroo Committee would have been even more farcical than it is today.

I thought it was also a stupid mistake to not fill the seats of the Committee with real Republicans.  I would have named four Republicans and left the fifth seat open – calling it the Jim Jordan seat to constantly remind the public of Pelosi’s legislative treachery.  Now we only get one side of the conversation – and that is not beneficial to the GOP. The biased media will play the leaks and information from the Committee with an undeserved air of credibility.

On the issue of Trump, McCarthy has been flipping and flopping like a fish on the pier.  At the time of the riot, McCarthy was highly critical of Trump’s role in the fiasco – publicly and even more harshly in private.

Because McCarthy has proven to have a BIG mouth, his credibility is approaching zero.  That is a fatal condition for anyone who hopes to be the Speaker of the House in the next Congress.

Frankly, it would be a huge mistake if the GOP members elected McCarthy as Speaker.  He not only lacks the credibility to do an effective job, but his strategic thinking ability is also about as low as his credibility.  His public image is a liability more than an asset.

An effective Speaker has to have the skills to manage the Party caucus.  But there is more.  In the new House – with Republicans in control – the Party needs a smart strategist who can put forth cogent and convincing arguments; who can go point-to-point with Democrats; who is respected and trusted.  A little charisma would also be beneficial.  McCarthy is too damaged to assume that role.

It is time for the Republicans in the House to start thinking about an alternative to McCarthy.  Electing him Speaker would be another example of the GOP not answering the door when opportunity knocks.  McCarthy has given them the opportunity to elect a truly effective speaker.  They should seize on that opportunity.

So, there ‘tis.

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