Kindergarteners Made To Eat Silently Outdoors Masking Up Between Bites


While many Washington schools are beginning to walk back draconian COVID restrictions on children after public outcry, some schools are doubling down on onerous regulations. Like many other area schools Queen Anne Elementary School in Seattle is forcing children as young as Kindergarten to eat meals outside.

In an email to parents, the school has thanked children that are “…bringing yoga mats and towels to sit on, and staff and I have marked off 6 ft. distances so students know their ‘spots’ on the basketball court.'”

However, “…if the rain is ‘coming down sideways’ …students whose parents have completed the Eating in the Cafeteria Permission Form During Extreme Weather would be given the choice of continuing to eat under the coverings and make “the best of it,” or alternatively go inside to the cafeteria.

According to the schools Extreme Weather Cafeteria Use,students will be socially distanced in their “eating spots” in the cafeteria.

The email then added, “Eating indoors will be a silent, ‘focused on eating’ affair, meaning that students will sit, get out their lunch, slip off mask, return mask between bites, and eat silently.”

“When finished, students will put their masks back on and exit the cafeteria.”

On Monday, Seattle Public Schools sent out their own email to parents, causing many to fear that a return to remote learning was inevitable. The email outlined conditions that, if met, would trigger the return. These included:

· Elementary student absence rate is approaching 50 percent consider remote instruction for up to 10 calendar days

· K-5 and K-8 schools have 50 percent of their classrooms in remote, monitor for 2 to 3 days then consider full school remote

· 10% of core group of students and staff COVID positive, consider remote instruction for up to 10 calendar days.

· An absentee rate of 40 percent of students in a secondary school, consider remote instruction for up to 10 calendar days

· 10 percent of secondary students are COVID positive across multiple classrooms, consider remote instruction for up to 10 calendar days

· 25 percent of all SPS schools are 100 percent remote, consider taking district remote

· Percent and mix of unfilled positions in a school creates unmanageable operational and/or safety risks.

· 50 percent to 100 percent school leader/Covid Site Supervisor absence due to confirmed COVID case consider remote instruction

This despite SPS boasting earlier in the email about the safety precautions they have already taken to mitigate the spread of the virus in the schools such as:

· practices universal masking and social distancing,

· mandated vaccination for SPS employees,

· enhanced air circulation, including the incorporation of hospital grade (MERV13 filters) and free- standing HEPA filters. Air circulation is monitored consistently n SPS buildings in partnership with outside consultation.

· provides on-site protected health rooms, diagnostic testing, and a COVID site supervisor; and

· offers vaccine clinics and testing options for SPS students and staff.

Franklin High School and Kimball Elementary School have already cancelled classes on Monday. It remains to be seen if anymore in the district will follow suit.

Lake Washington High School in Kirkland also returned to remote learning which they claim is temporary due to staffing shortages and absences. Last week, Superintendent of Public Schools for Washington Chris Reykdal said that some school districts may close over the next few weeks.

The original email outlining the restrictions for lunch time was sent in October. Parents told The Post Millennial that the practice continued until winter break. The school did not return a request for comment asking if the restrictions were still in place following the return to school after the vacation.

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  1. Anonymous says

    This nation now has collective insanity and believes it is ok to torment children needlessly.

    1. Jackie Duley says

      If we would treat our children like this,as parents, we would be turned in to Child Welfare Protection.

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  9. the Supreme Court has ruled it "unconstitutional" for businesses with over 100 employees to enforce vaccine or mask mandates. says

    School children sit in silence for hours in the morning, being indoctrinated.
    Then sit for hours in the afternoon, being even more indoctrinated.

    Lunch for most kids is the only part of the day they enjoy.

    Thankfully, the Supreme Court has ruled it “unconstitutional” for businesses with over 100 employees to enforce vaccine or mask mandates.

    It would be “unconstitutional” to enforce vaccine or mask mandates on schools as well.

  10. agile1 says

    how totally idiotic – K-Kids get to sit outside in 40 deg weather – I guess that is the libtard way of population control – kill off the kids before they can think for themselves!

  11. shirline says

    SICK sob’s in Washington State. Those responsible for this outlandish and cruel rule should all be imprisoned!

  12. Adlyn says

    Imprisoned and forced to sit outside with masks on

  13. mike says

    I can’t believe the parents are putting up with this, Letting your children get treated like that. What kind of parents are they. Never mind I forgot they are lib’s. In reality they should be investigated

    1. Rosa says

      My thoughts exactly. I would never let my kids attend a prison school like this, and those parents who don’t push back don’t deserve to have kids.

      But it still begs the question: what is wrong with the school board? Did they check their brains at the door?

  14. Libertarian70 says

    Cultural communist brainwashing begins at the earliest age possible. The 10th plank of the communist manifesto.

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