L.A. Shows Gratitude to Police By Ripping Away Overtime Pay

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department have had a rough few months. After being forced to turn themselves into scolding nannies for two months during the coronavirus lockdown, they were immediately met with protests and violent riots after the death of George Floyd. LAPD officers were called upon to work long hours in hostile conditions just to keep some semblance of peace. Meanwhile, they had to endure spitting, bottle-throwing, violent rioters whose sole mission in life is to get rid of police entirely.

Well, at least they could count on making plenty of overtime mon—


“During this extraordinary time, including the full mobilization of our sworn members, the Department has expended more than $40 million dollars in overtime expenses,” wrote LAPD Chief Michel Moore in a letter to officers this week. “This amount far exceeds any budgetary reserve to address unusual occurrences.”

Yeah, uh, sorry guys. We really appreciate y’all taking time away from your lives and families to help the city deal with this crazy stuff, and yeah, we know you guys were counting on the extra money, buuuuut…bad news. We don’t really have that money. Sorry for the confusion.

“Therefore,” Moore continued, “this notice is to advise Department personnel that as of June 7, 2020, pursuant to Memorandum of Understanding 24, Article 6.1D, compensation for overtime shall be in the form of time at the appropriate rate (straight time or time-and-a-half).”

LAPD personnel will also be able to tack on as much paid lead as they can get to make up for what they won’t be making from the overtime work. Which might be a nice gesture if this new policy were not retroactive in nature, basically stealing a week’s worth of overtime from the hardworking officers of the Los Angeles Police Department. We know that “defunding the police” is the name of the game out there in Social Justiceville, but this is a hell of a way to do it.

It’s only salt in the wound for the city to go po’ mouthin the cops while California is simultaneously spending more than $100 million on stimulus grants for illegal aliens. The state’s Democrats have made no secret about where their priorities lie in recent years, but man that’s harsh. You’d think there would be at least a large minority of well-reasoned Californians to take exception to this blatant preference for lawlessness over civilization.

Unfortunately, things may only get worse after L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti follows through on his proposal to cut $150 million out of the LAPD’s annual budget.

“He’s clearly unstable. We are worried about him and worried about his future, and the safety of our citizens,” police union director Jamie McBride said of the mayor. “He is more interested in his image and how he’s looked upon, as opposed to being a leader in difficult times.”

Democrats in a nutshell.

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