Lunacy: Black Votes Should Carry More Weight?


Writing in the Washington Post last week, Theodore R. Johnson admits that reparations for slavery is an idea whose time has come and gone. He cites a recent poll showing that a full 94 percent of whites oppose the idea of the government handing out money to make up for past sins. So that plan is off the table, at least for now. But don’t worry, because Johnson has a proposal that is sure to be a big hit with the overwhelming majority of Americans who oppose monetary restitution.

“If black Americans were once counted as three-fifths of a person,” writes Johnson, “let each African-American voter now count as five-thirds.”

Any sane reader would immediately assume, at this point, that Johnson is working his way towards a larger point. He’s using the ridiculous idea of weighted voting to demonstrate how absurd reparations are. He’s using the power of exaggeration and satire to show that we have to erase these lines that divide us.

Alas, no. He’s quite serious. And he spends the better part of 3,000 words building a case for his asinine proposal.

“This weighted vote […] would offer African Americans an outsize influence on national and state elections. Politicians, finally, would have to truly compete for the black vote, or a substantial share of it, to attain or remain in office. This would provide an incentive, even for purely self-interested politicians, to prioritize African American policy concerns and act on them, or face a loss at the polls.”

Yes, this all appears to be probable. But…what?

Look, there’s no denying the problems in black America. There’s no doubting the evil that stained this nation for far too long. But – and this bears repeating every time some joker brings this topic up – no black American alive today has ever spent a single second in slavery. Not one second. And no white Americans alive today have ever owned a slave. No one owes anyone jack. Period.

This, though, is actually a much worse idea than monetary reparations. This proposal, in all likelihood, would lead to an era of unchallenged dominance for the Democratic Party. This is the same party whose pitiful policies are largely to blame for the economic strife currently destroying the black community. We’ve had a black president for almost seven years; if he wasn’t committed to doing something about it, who will be? The problem is that the more “prioritized” politicians are on black issues, the worse those issues typically get. Sad to say it, but having that kind of power at the voting booth would be the worst thing that could ever happen to black Americans.

It’s probably silly to give this idea anything more respectful than a pity laugh, but we’ve seen how liberals can turn the ridiculous into reality. In a country where we are no longer comfortable using gender pronouns, anything is possible.

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