Latino Lawmaker Says Kamala is “Useless” on Immigration

Despite being tasked by the Biden administration with solving the immigration problem, a newly-elected GOP Representative has said Vice President Kamala Harris has been “useless” when it comes to doing anything to control the US-Mexico border.

In an interview with Fox News, Congresswoman Mayra Flores said that Harris is “honestly useless” regarding “the mess” she has created to control the refugee crisis at the southern border with Mexico.

Flores recently flipped a seat in South Texas, winning a special election that had been held by Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela, who resigned from Congress to work for a lobbying firm. She defeated Democratic attorney Dan Sanchez in an election that alarmed national Democrats.

Harris was appointed by President Joe Biden as his “border czar” in March 2021, to address the growing “humanitarian crisis” on the US-Mexico border. 

However, according to her schedule, the last event she held regarding any kind of border issues was back in January, when she had a meeting with Honduran president Xiomara Castro, during which they supposedly discussed “root causes” behind mass migration.

Biden, who pledged to reverse many of the hardline immigration policies of his former President Donald Trump, ended the “Remain in Mexico” policy of that administration and reinstated the Obama-era policy of “Catch and Release.”

As a result, the number of migrants interdicted along the southern border nearly tripled during the Biden’s first six months in office. Figures show that since he took office, arrests at the southwest US border have risen to the highest monthly levels in two decades.

Republicans, who hope to gain control of the US Congress in the November midterm elections, say the Democratic president’s rollback of Trump-era policies has encouraged more illegal immigration.

Flores, who came to the United States from Mexico as a child, said she wanted to improve the immigration process for those who wish to come to the country legally.

Her victory has been hailed as another sign of Latinos increasingly shifting to the Republican Party. Flores is the first Republican to win in the heavily Hispanic district since it was created a decade ago.

“The Democrat Party has been in control here in South Texas for over 100 years and feel entitled to our vote. They feel they don’t have to do anything to earn our vote. And we sent a strong message to Washington, and we sent a strong message to Democrat Party that you have to get to work. If not, you’re going to get voted out,” Flores warned in an interview with Fox News the morning after her victory.

Not only does Flores’ victory narrow by one seat the House Democrats’ already razor-thin majority in the chamber, but it also gives Republicans more momentum heading into November’s midterm elections, when they aim to flip other Democratic-controlled Hispanic majority districts.

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