Leading Cause of Death for Black Americans? Not Police, But Abortions

If the NFL’s social justice squad wants to kneel for something, maybe they would be better off protesting Planned Parenthood instead of police. Because according to a new report from the University of North Carolina, abortion is responsible for far more death and carnage than American law enforcement officers. Wonder why we don’t hear much about that in the media.

The new study says that abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States and is responsible for a shocking 61% of deaths among African Americans. Using data from 2009, the latest from which all the relevant information is available, the researchers found that abortion accounts for more than one million American deaths each year, putting it far beyond commonly cited causes like heart disease and cancer. Overall, it is responsible for 32.1% of all deaths in the United States. Of course, that figure means nothing to the left, which refuses to see the killing of an unborn baby for what it is. Just meaningless tissue and blood.

The UNC researchers pointed this fact out, saying that abortion-caused deaths are kept out of official mortality rates because of the political/ideological nature of the abortion debate and not for any valid scientific purpose.

“The exclusion of a major cause of death, especially one with large racial and ethnic disparities, should be a major concern to the scientific community and society as a whole,” the researchers wrote. “As a cause of death – the major one for Hispanics and African Americans – abortion would be at the top of the scientific agenda in the U.S., and with a funding priority consistent with its importance.”

Unfortunately, the propaganda is strong on the left when it comes to abortion. They’ve drawn a line in the sand and have decided that this is entirely a “women’s health” issue that has nothing to do with the actual baby growing in the womb. They can’t afford to give any ground whatsoever when it comes to this viewpoint, because the second you recognize that this is a viable, burgeoning life, abortion becomes nothing less than homicide. That defeats all of the Democrat messaging, which tells us this is about free, independent women and has nothing at all to do with murder.

It just shows you the power of nonstop brainwashing that a decent percentage of Americans actually buy into this insanity.

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